Trade is imminent. “How’s this place?”

The Major League trade deadline is just one month away. The team that is drawing the most attention is definitely the Chicago White Sox who declared fire sale. This is the worst team of the season. And most U.S. media believe that the team’s left-handed fire bowler Garrett Krosher (25) is definitely No. 1 in trade. Krosher also tied up the LA Dodgers’ lineup, which is the strongest in the National League, on Saturday (Korea time).

The postseason contenders are fiercely competing to recruit such a croresher. After all, the team with relatively abundant prospects will have an advantage in this game. However, not all postseason contenders in the Major League have strong potentials.

Therefore, it is expected that many teams will not be able to go all-in on recruiting Krosher. Eric Peddy (31, Chicago White Sox) is mentioned as the starting pitcher that such teams need to go to the postseason or to secure one win in the postseason. Most media outlets see him as the next trade blue chip after Krosher.

Although he is quite old, he has been making good returns to the Major League this year and signed a club-friendly contract with 15 million dollars for two years until next year. In a way, his completeness as a starting pitcher is superior to that of Crosher. The competition to recruit him is also expected to heat up.

Bleacher Report said on the 25th (Korean time) that the most suitable club for Peddy is the Milwaukee Brewers. Milwaukee leads the National League Central with 46 wins and 33 losses. It is a stable leader, five games ahead of the second-ranked St. Louis Cardinals.스포츠토토사이트

Still, the team’s starting lineup is not overwhelming. The team ranks 10th with a 4.20 ERA. Freddie Peralta with five wins and four losses and a 4.03 ERA, Colin Leah with six wins and two losses and a 3.62 ERA, and Tobias Myers with five wins and two losses and a 3.12 ERA are the main players. In other words, the team lacks overwhelming resources.

Bleacher Report pointed out that Milwaukee is eighth in the farm system, and that the near future is not so bright, so it is burdensome to recruit prospective FA by spending money. In that regard, “Crosher is a good option, but it is another matter to bomb the farm system to get one crocher. Peddy is familiar with the starting lineup and controls the cost through a $15 million contract (about 20.8 billion won) until next year, so it is a safer option anyway,” he said.

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