This means that you have to adapt quickly

Cuevas played for the Los Angeles Dodgers Triple-A in June after his contract was terminated last year due to an elbow injury. Cuevas also showed much better performance after coming to Korea.

He pitched in 18 games with 12 wins and an earned run average of 2.60. He made 14 quality starts, and his on-base percentage per inning was only 1.04, and his hit percentage was 0.224. He became the winning percentage king with a 100 percent winning rate, earning his first title in five years in the KBO League.

Cuevas came late, but Cuevas said that coming late helped her a lot. “I trained anew for the Dodgers and those two months have been tremendously helpful, so I have been able to pitch well in Korea since June,” Cuevas said.

Cuevas also had to adapt to the new rules introduced in the U.S. Major League Baseball’s pitch clock has to pitch within 15 seconds when there are no runners and within 20 seconds when there are runners. If a pitcher does not take his foot off the mound within the time limit, a ball is declared. The batter should also be ready to hit with eight seconds left. Otherwise, a strike is automatically declared. The moment a pitcher receives the ball from a catcher, the pitch clock is activated. We have to throw the ball faster than we think.

“If the new rules are applied, I think Korean pitchers will also have a hard time,” Cuevas said of Peach Clark. “In the U.S., there were some injuries due to the new rules, but many players said that they were injured due to Peach Clark. I think it will be a tough time.”

KBO has also decided to introduce pitch clock next season because it has seen the effect of greatly shortening the game time due to pitch clock in the Major League. Korea also has a speed-up rule for throwing within 12 seconds when there are no runners, but there was no time limit when there were runners. This time, even when there are runners, you have to throw within the time limit. KBO has not yet confirmed the time limit for the KBO League pitch clock. 토토사이트

LG applied pitch clock in the second team this year. As the team already played in the Major League, it was highly likely to be introduced in Korea, and LG aimed to adapt itself to the situation from the second team. The team set the clock in the LG Champions Park stadium in Icheon, and turned on 12 seconds in actual games to allow players to recognize and throw, and in training, the team allowed players to throw in 15 seconds and 20 seconds just like in the Major League.

Pitchers are very sensitive. If one’s routine is broken, one’s balance can be disrupted. Pitchers with slow pitching rhythm have to quickly change their routines to match the pitch clock. They should approach them carefully because they could injure themselves. Clubs have brought watches to prepare for the pitch clock since the closing training.

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