These documents are highly revised to protect ongoing criminal investigations

This is seen as a threat to public safety. If the latest revelations are not disturbing enough, British Columbia C. 바카라사이트 추천

A recently released document claims that $5,000 of chips disappeared from River Rock Casino , prompting the casino to launch a “wholesale chip exchange” as part of a confidential plan to retrieve lost chips, but the document claims that information leakage between BCLC and casino employees delayed the entire process.

Data from 2015 showed Riverlock saw a sharp increase in the number of casino customers leaving with $5,000 worth of chips, and problems later surfaced on BCLC’s radar screen, and the chip pile was a viable threat to the personal safety of those who owned it, the company explained.

BCLC, the state’s gambling regulator, was concerned that River Rock’s $5,000 chip could have been used to finance illegal gambling in British Columbia, according to internal records. The name of Paul King Jean’s scandal is also related to the incident. There are documents showing an unusually large number of “unsourced chips” delivered to River Rock through an illegal banking network allegedly run by a 50-year-old man. Gin can be recovered. Jean has launched a major investigation into Royal Money Lending conducted by Canadian police at Columbia Casino.

Chip exchange program to cover missing chips
Police recovered a $5,000 chip from River Rock, Richmond. The chips were recovered from a cap betting room where high rollers gave cash or new chips in exchange for old casino chips. The document claims the recall has been delayed for a variety of reasons, and River Rock employees are very concerned about the missing chips.

An internal December email indicates that information about the chip swap operation has actually been leaked. Another e-mail sent between BCLC employees made it clear that chip replacement work was scheduled to take place .

According to the document, River Rock employees were mainly concerned that casinos may not have enough $5,000 chips to meet Asian High Rollers’ needs in the Chinese New Year, as they decided not to issue more $5,000 worth of chips before the completion of the chip swap program.

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