There is no more time to relax.

“Aston Villa inquired Juventus about the possibility of transferring Samuel Ealing Jr. (20), who is known as Tottenham Huthper’s target.”

Tottenham has been showing good performance this season. With 18 Premier League matches, Tottenham is currently in fourth place with 11 wins, three draws and four losses, earning 36 points.

Tottenham is not satisfied with this. Tottenham aims to strengthen its offense and defense capabilities in January next year to continue its competition in the upper ranks.

The need to recruit new strikers is also increasing. Calls are increasingly being given to recruit new resources to broaden options for offensive tactics, in addition to Son Heung-min and Hisalisson.

Ealing Jr. was mentioned as a strong candidate for recruitment. It was also confirmed that Tottenham sent a scout to a match between the England Under-21 team and Northern Ireland to observe Ealing Jr.

Ealing Jr. is considered one of the promising players in England. He is a left-footed winger who can play on the left and right sides and is steadily gaining experience as a member of the English national team by age.

He also has high possibility to play in the top-tier Korean Professional Baseball League. Ealing Jr., who signed a major league contract with Juventus last year, is playing in five Serie A matches this season, heralding a prosperous future.

Tottenham’s interest in Ealing Jr. was serious. According to the latest report, Tottenham is preparing an official proposal for Ealing Jr. ahead of the transfer market in January next year.

It is not certain that he will be hired. A competitor has appeared. “Aston Villa have been informed by Juventus that Ealing Jr. wants to move and will allow him to move if he offers 20 million euros,” Football Insider reported.

We cannot rule out the possibility of going to Aston Villa, not Tottenham. Aston Villa has enough funding to pay 20 million euros. If Tottenham hesitates, Aston Villa is expected to snatch the opportunity.


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