The technology has now been integrated into the province’s business to fully comply with geographic location requirements.

Ontario opened its online gambling market for third-party operators for the first time in Canada, and is now licensed to operate legally by dozens of operators. The aim of the iGame segment was to keep some of the profits in the provinces by preventing local betting companies from playing on offshore websites.

Casumo was granted a membership in the iGaming space in the state of Hartland by Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission in June 2022. However, it went online in the region in November 2022. Today, the company wants more online security with GeoLocs, developed to address the industry’s geolocation challenges with fast and seamless integration.

Mark Busuttil, the Malta-based company’s CPO, is confident that by choosing GeoLocs as a geographic location provider, the company can provide users with a seamless and user-friendly experience to respond to Ontario’s regulatory and regulatory needs. The technology solution was key to supporting companies seeking licensing and operations in Ontario, he added.

Giorox has been used by mkodo’s partners for more than a decade, providing a seamless user experience during the positioning process. Users can eliminate tedious location approval processes that typically drag on because they can make their own location checks that occur directly in an app or website quite quickly.

Meanwhile, Stuart Godfrey, managing director of MCODO, said he was pleased to work with leading operators to support the launch of iGaming in the province and expand the popularity of the solution in the region. Officials also said they want to work with operators to provide the best user experience of geographical locations in the province.

Ontario Recovers Q1 Earnings
In July 2023, Ontario released its first-quarter financial report for fiscal 2023-2024, which began on April 1, 2023 and extended to June 30, 2023. At the time, the iGaming segment had a total betting volume of over C$14 billion, which was C$545 million in revenue. There were 920,000 active user accounts, with an average monthly expenditure of C$197.

The largest portion of the betting scale is derived from digital casino games, including slot, live and computer-based table games and P2P bingo, accounting for nearly C$11.6 billion, or 83% of the total betting amount in the first quarter. 온라인카지노사이트

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