The new organization was named

iGaming Ontario and has now banned auto-play during online gambling and introduced a rotational speed of at least 2.5 seconds to provide digital slots.

Currently, the Ontario Lottery and gaming company is the only official regulator to offer online games in the state. However, it is expected to change soon as the province is considering expanding the market. Last week, the government launched iGaming Ontario, a subsidiary of the Ontario Alcohol and Game Commission, and will be responsible for online services.

The new player in online gambling has already prepared and announced some changes to online offerings. According to the rules, the player has banned the auto-execution of the digital slot by releasing and pressing the start button or its button, which must be committed individually to each game.

There is also a fix for the spin rate that does not change to a minimum of 2.5 seconds. The new entity also prohibits split-screen or multi-screen slot playback. This was done because the game gives players the impression that skills or skills can affect results. Animation that wins less than the original share, similar to the prize money, is also prohibited.

Online games must also display the net position of participants in the game in Canadian dollars, not credits. The new rule also states that marketing materials should not be based on subject, language use to appeal to minors. Advertisements should also not feature fictional characters that appear near schools or appeal to young people.

In addition, gambling ads should not take advantage of sensitivity, aspirations, credit, inexperience, or lack of knowledge about potentially dangerous players. Also, marketing should not mislead or imply that gambling is a way of financial success. Advertisements to promote bonus offers should now also appear on the operator’s website. Operators should provide self-exclusion options and introduce responsible gaming services.

a new gaming business
IGaming Ontario was officially launched last week and is a subsidiary of the Ontario Alcohol and Game Commission. The new organization will function separately from the Ontario Lottery and gaming company, and will have its own staff and board to be revealed soon. Birgitte Sand, a Danish consultant, will be responsible for the project and meet with industry advocates to discuss the issue.

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Shortly after the announcement of the new iGaming business, Torstar Corporation congratulated and praised local authorities for Ontario’s regulated online betting. The media, which plans to launch a casino platform to enter the game market in the province, said a new player will come at a good time as a country legalizing single sports betting. This is believed to greatly improve the country’s offerings and betting volume.

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