The most loss or loss in a single quarter of the playoffs

The Busan KCC won the second round of the semifinal playoff against the Seoul SK Wyverns 99-72, which took place at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on Tuesday. The team won the first round by 18 points and dominated the SK Wyverns by 27 points in the second round. 토토사이트 순위

This is the first time that KCC has won more than 18 points in two consecutive playoff games, including during the predecessor Daejeon Hyundai.

The driving force behind KCC’s 27-point complete victory in the second game is the fourth quarter.

KCC scored 32 points in the fourth quarter alone, allowing SK to score just eight points. The margin of gain and loss in the fourth quarter was +24 points.

So far, there has never been a difference of 24 points based on a quarter in the playoffs.

The previous record was 23 points in the third quarter of the second round of the semifinal playoff between Ulsan Mobis and Incheon Electronic Land in the 2012-2013 season. Mobis overwhelmed Electronic Land 33-10.

◆ Most Defects by Playoff Quarter of All Time
1Q: 21 points (2002-2003 Champion Oriental vs. TG 24-3, 2009-2010 Champion Mobis vs. KCC 28-7)
2Q: 22 points (2000-2001 Champion LG vs. Samsung 33-11)
3Q: 23 points (2012-2013 semifinal PO Mobis vs. e-Land 33-10)
4Q: 24 points (2023-2024 Round of 6 PO KCC vs. SK 32-8)

The biggest deviation in a quarter based on the regular season was 33 points, which came in the second quarter of the showdown between Yeosu Gold Bank and Changwon LG on March 4, 2001. At the time, Gold Bank scored 39 points and allowed LG only six points.

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