The Hangzhou Asian Games were the leverage of the potential explosion and are showing it properly on another big stage, the postseason.

The FA catcher, who has bought 4.6 billion won, has nothing to do.

Kim Hyung-joon (24, NC Dinos), the “national gold medal catcher,” will be active every day in the postseason. In the wild card game against the Doosan Bears, he scored two hits, four RBIs and two runs in five at-bats, including two home runs, and in Game 1 and Game 2 of the semi-playoff against SSG Landers, he scored two runs, one hit in seven at-bats, two outs, one RBI and two walks. He went three for 12 with five RBIs and four runs scored in three games.

Single hits, two or three hits are not handled. If you get caught, it’s a home run. The quality of being a big gun is extraordinary. There was a saying that the main catcher to succeed Park Se-hyuk was likely, but if you look at the performance from the Asian Games to the postseason, it is enough to give a feeling that why he will be appointed right now and that he will be able to compete for the main catcher next year.

In fact, an official from other clubs said, “It’s different” when he saw Kim Hyung-joon’s ball combination and defense during the Asian Games. As expected, Yang Eui-ji (36, Doosan), the best catcher in the KBO League, has also viewed Kim Hyung-joon’s potential as unusual. Park Gun-woo (33, NC) said after Game 2 of the semi-playoff on the 23rd, “Do-ji also told me to watch Hyung-joon do it.”

Yang Eui-ji has been playing for NC for the past four years, and young catchers must have caught your eyes naturally. Seeing that Kim Hyung-joon’s potential is unusual, he must have helped a lot. In fact, Yang Eui-ji expressed his affection (?) by presenting his bat to Kim Hyung-joon. Kim Hyung-joon used the bat and now he is saving it.

Coach Kang In-kwon said, “The Asian Games are definitely effective. When looking at the combination of balls, it is based on the strengths and weaknesses of each batter, not the situation of the game.” There is no correct answer, but doing customized ball combination means doing a lot of research.

Kim Hyung-joon also said, “It is true that the Asian Games have been very helpful. The current tension and nervousness are not the level of feeling in the national competition, he said. Leading the Asian Games gold medal, it means that the postseason is not that nervous. 안전 토토사이트

As it turned out, the batting balance collapsed in Hangzhou. After returning to Korea, I got the hang of it and raised my pace. Kim Hyung-joon said, “Coaches said it was okay. I feel good because I hit three home runs in important fall baseball. “I was going to hit (strike and ball) if it was similar, but I got a home run.”

Park Gun-woo, who was present in the interview room, said, “The young player is amazing. I’m proud to do it while enjoying the big stage. Earlier, I hit for Moon Seung-won’s changeup and it was a fly to right field. Hyeongjun connected it with a home run. The class is different. Looks like a different level of player. “If you run the Korean Series, you will grow more.” It is a crazy move that even the seniors are surprised.

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