The commissioners claimed they were innocent and should have proven the claim before Bloomberg published it.

Commission chairman Juan Sablan said he and his colleagues were not corrupt and received nothing from Imperial Pacific International (IPI), the casino described in the Bloomberg article. According to author Matthew Campbell, the Saipan-based casino’s success is possible as a result of a “alliance” with both Governor Ralph Dele Torres and his family, who have direct financial interests in the company’s success, as well as exposing Governor Edward Geron.

The committee members held a special meeting on Thursday to provide media with copies of the interview taken by Bloomberg. Several members commented on the serious accusations.

Titled “The Chinese Casino Who Conquered America,” the article focuses on financial transactions worth millions of dollars paid to the governor’s family. Another highlight is the huge profits made by Chinese casino brands on the small island of Saipan.카지노사이트존

According to Campbell, Macau’s most luxurious casinos are making profits many times higher than reported figures, which in turn are much more profitable than the Las Vegas industry. There are also allegations of money laundering and illegal Chinese workers entering the country with tourist visas. The report was published on February 15, and succeeded in inciting the public and gambling authorities, especially in the Northern Mariana Islands.

The Commonwealth Casino Commission said it would comment on the accusations and issue an official statement at its meeting this Thursday. Executive Director Edward Deleon Guerrero explained that although he was actually the governor’s uncle, his nephew was hired and joined the commission before he became governor of the commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands because the United States was officially known. Campbell did not mention this, nor did he mention that the current governor had appointed him.

Deleon Guerrero described an article in Bloomberg as “exaggerated, unnecessary, and very unfair,” and defended his nephew, describing the governor and his family as humble, hard-working people and members of the committee who are committed to regulating the industry and maintaining integrity.

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