“Thank you for understanding my value, I want to go up higher.”

Bucheon Hana One Q announced the renewal of his contract with Yang In-young, an internal free agent, through a press release on the 9th. The contract period is three years, with a total of 300 million won (280 million won per year and 20 million won per year). Having transferred to Hana One Q through FA ahead of the 2020-2021 season, he will visit Bucheon Gymnasium for another three years.

In a telephone conversation with this newspaper, Yang said, “I am so grateful to the team for recognizing my value. I have a strong desire to play the game with more responsibility.”

Yang In-young’s contract announcement was the first FA market this year. As such, there was no disagreement with Hana One Q. It is said that they reached an agreement in the first negotiation and signed a quick decision in the second meeting.

“I wasn’t thinking about moving to another team. I judged that the team fully recognized my value. So the negotiations ended quickly without much disagreement. We met for the first time and agreed, and signed the second right away,” Yang In-young said.

Yang has significantly improved since playing for Hana One Q for four seasons. As a result, she has consistently been selected by the Korean women’s basketball team. Last season, she had 12.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.7 assists in an average of 33 minutes and 7 seconds in 29 regular league games, helping Hana One Q advance to the playoffs for the first time in its history. 메이저 토토사이트

Yang In-young said, “I have grown a lot since I came to Hana One Q. Last season, I experienced spring basketball for the first time. I have a goal to go higher with the team that recognized my value and helped me grow.”

Hana OneQ has a large number of young players with potential, including Jung Ye-rim, Park So-hee, Park Jin-young, and Um Seo-yi. In order to go higher, veterans like Yang In-young must lead their juniors well. If the new structure is well harmonized, it seems that they can look forward to the playoffs next season.

Yang In-young said, “I think I need to lead my juniors. So I am trying to learn a lot from the side how (Kim) Jeong-eun leads the team. I will learn a lot and try harder to become a player that my juniors can follow well.”

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