“Team of the Week”

The “Team of the Week” is selected by Alan Shearer, an English football legend and football commentator for the British public broadcaster BBC.

Shearer deployed Son Heung-min, Elling Holland (Manchester City), and Evan Ferguson (Brighton and Hove Albion) to the offensive line. The three players showed their presence by scoring hat tricks side by side over the weekend.

In particular, Son Heung-min scored as many as three goals in an away game against Burnley on the 2nd, leading the team to a 5-2 victory. Tottenham’s new head coach, Enze Postecoglou, was also selected as the EPL secretariat based on this and was selected as the coach of the week.

Tottenham has begun a major player reshuffle ahead of this season.

And coach Postecoglou seems to take the helm himself and give up players who have not been helpful to the team.

First, Harry Kane, who had been suffering from rumors of a transfer, left for Bayern Munich. Kane, who was a soulmate with Son Heung-min and also the best striker in Tottenham’s history, is known as an irreplaceable resource.

However, the team’s influence was so strong that the negative aspects were also formidable. It is true that Kane is an altruistic player, but Tottenham’s tactics have been centered on him because of his unusual desire to score.

If you look at Tottenham’s attack development process this season after Kane left, you can see that autonomy has been much more emphasized. In this regard, England believes that players who have become less conscious of Kane are playing creative games.

Goalkeepers Hugo Lloris and Eric Dyer, who were other troublesome players, are also in the process of being kicked out.

Goalkeeper Lloris, who played the role of captain until last year, was expected to leave the team immediately this summer, but his transfer was repeatedly canceled and now he is not allowed to play as he has fallen into the team’s three-choice goalkeeper. Eric Dyer, who was far behind his team’s influence, is also in the same situation as Lloris.

On the other hand, new captain Son Heung-min is leading the changed Tottenham well.

Son Heung-min, who has been playing the role of a wing forward and focused on space penetration, has been in charge of ball distribution since this season, and is actively stirring the front line and playing for the team rather than himself.

Watching Son Heung-min’s efforts to transform himself into a complete striker along with Tottenham’s high-flying flight at the beginning of the season is becoming a viewing point.


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