Suwon FC has unveiled a new uniform to be with in 2024.

Suwon FC’s 24-season uniform “Only One, SUWON” took Suwon FC’s slogan as its name this year.

Like its name, the design of this uniform contains the desire of Suwon FC, Suwon citizens, and fans to become one under the name of Suwon. Four blue lines symbolizing the four districts of Suwon (Kwonseon-Jangan-Faldal-Yeongtong) and three red lines symbolizing the club-fan-local people were intersected to express the unity of all. In addition, blue and red were highlighted through the shoulder line using navy colors, and the entire uniform was embodied as Suwon FC’s emblem.

Suwon FC’s general manager Choi Soon-ho said, “Thanks to the support of many fans, Suwon FC has been able to continue its performance in K League 1,” adding, “We will make sure that everyone can sympathize with the meaning of the uniform that Suwon FC, Suwon citizens and fans become one and move toward a bigger dream and vision.”


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