Son Heung-min led Tottenham to a great victory against Newcastle with one goal and two assists.

Son gave assist to Udoji’s first goal in the 26th minute of the first half against Newcastle. After crossing the left side, Udoji scored a low and fast cross to the goal gate and Udoji shook the Newcastle net.

Son also assisted Hishalisson’s extra goal in the 38th minute of the first half. Trippier tried to clear the prisoner’s cross-pass with a header, but the ball was connected to Son, who was located on the left side. Son then dribbled through Trippier once again in front of him, and gave the ball to the front of the goal gate, which Hishalisson connected with a left-footed shot to score the goal.

Trippier had been blamed for Newcastle’s crushing defeat in the 15th round of the Premier League against Everton. Trippier lost the ball to McNeil in succession in the 34th minute of the second half and 41st minute of the second half, providing an excuse for the first goal and the loss of additional goals. Trippier showed lethargic performance against Son Heung-min in the match against Tottenham, continuing his sluggish performance recently.

The British Daily Mail said, “Triple has the experience and versatility to play as both wingbacks, and is an essential player in the English national team. Trippier, who was reborn as a complete wingback with Atletico Madrid, returned to the Premier League through a transfer to Newcastle, but collapsed to Son Heung-min.” 안전놀이터

BBC reported that Newcastle might be under too much pressure this season. It is difficult to maintain the top four teams in the Premier League while playing in the Champions League. Newcastle’s Trippier was dismantled by Son and was eventually replaced. “I don’t think this would have happened under normal circumstances,” he said, referring to his physical stamina as he is playing in the UEFA Champions League at the same time this season.

Amid criticism from local media in the U.K. over Trippier, the British newspaper Northern Echo said, “It must have been a day for Trippier to forget. He collapsed too easily when he lost two goals in the first half.” Trippier was given the lowest score of three points in his team in Northern Echo, and Clooney Clive also gave Trippier four points, the lowest score in his team.

The Guardian reported, “He gave Trippier a trauma. With the ball in his foot, Son dribbled faster than he could run, showing himself moving away from his pursuers. Taking a diagonal pass that grazed Trippier’s head, Son waited until Trippier lost his balance, penetrated inside, and assisted Hishalisson’s score,” referring to the scene of the match between Son and Trippier.

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