Seoul SK will once again join Jamil Warney (199 cm, C).

“Jamil Warney, an irreplaceable figure in the Knights of the SK Knights, will also accompany the Knights in the 2024-2025 season. Please look forward to Jamil Warney, who will perform even better in the upcoming season,” SK said on its SNS.

After Warney joined the team, SK won one combined championship (2021-2022) and two regular league championships (2019-2020, 2021-2022). It also advanced to the championship and the semifinal playoffs in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024, respectively.스포츠토토사이트

Warnie’s individual performance was also outstanding. He won the Best Foreign Player award in the 2019-2020 season, the 2021-2022 season, and the 2022-2023 season. In the 2023-2024 season, he also competed with Didrick Lawson (202 cm, F) and Paris Bath (200 cm, F) for the top foreign players.

SK, which renewed its contract with Warney, maintained its main resources leading up to Kim Sun-hyung, Ahn Young-joon, Oh Se-geun, and Jamil Warney. It plans to prepare for the 2024-2025 season from June 10.

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