Seoul Geumcheon Asian Youth Tournament, created by local table tennis fans, kicks off on the 21st

The 2023 Seoul Geumcheon Open Asia Youth Table Tennis Championships, a two-day event for table tennis aspirants from Korea, China, Japan and South Korea, will be held at the Doksango Table Tennis Center in Geumcheon, Seoul, starting today. A total of 108 “little players” from Korea, China, and Japan, ranging in age from 6-year-old kindergarteners to 4th graders, will compete in team and individual events. The winning players will receive certificates and table tennis equipment, and their coaches will receive a small cash prize. The tournament is organized by the KUMITANARA Table Tennis Support Group, a voluntary group of table tennis enthusiasts based in Geumcheon-gu. The KUMITANARA Table Tennis Support Group started in 2009 when a group of table tennis enthusiasts who enjoyed playing table tennis in elementary school sponsored young players. As the players grew, it led to the establishment of a middle school team (Moonseong Middle School – 2010), a high school team (Doksan High School – 2013), and an unemployed team 온라인카지노 (Geumcheon Office – 2017).

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