‘Rehabilitation smooth’

Leading competition’ Texas takes a breather → Evoldi ‘rehabilitation smooth’

Good news came for the Texas Rangers, who are fiercely competing with the defending champion. Nathan Ivoldi (33) seems to have been well rehabilitated.

Dallas Morning News, a Texas-based media outlet in the U.S., reported on the 16th that Eboldi successfully pitched the bullpen on the 15th (Korea Standard Time).

Yvoldi is currently sidelined with a right forearm injury. The Tampa Bay Rays match was the last one on the 19th of last month. At that time, Lee Boldi showed good performance with six scoreless innings.

Pitchers’ forearm injuries often lead to major surgery. However, Yvoldi’s case does not appear to be in a situation where he will undergo major surgery. 토토사이트

Iboldi is a pitcher who leads the Texas mound in place of Jacob deGrom (35), who was out for the season due to injury. Before his injury, he was outstanding enough to compete for the Cy Young Award.

He pitched 1232/3 innings in 19 games of the season, recording an 11–3 record and a 2.69 ERA. This is what Texas expected from DeGrom.

But Texas is relatively relaxed. Max Scherzer (39), who was recruited in the trade market, is showing good performance with four runs in 20 innings in three games after the transfer.

As a result, Texas is more likely to wait until it makes a clear physical condition than rushing to return Iboldi. A good choice for both the club and the players.

In addition, Texas is being chased hard by the Houston Astros, the “defending champion,” but it is showing a 3.5 game difference until the 15th based on the nuclear batting line.

to perform far better than expected before the recruitment Attention is focusing on whether Lee Baldy, who left, will be able to return to his former appearance before the injury.

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