Published April issue of K-League’s ‘Monthly TSG’

Monthly TSG’ is a K-League tactics and data analysis content published by the Professional Football Federation, which was founded in October 2022 and is published every month. Monthly TSG’ is produced by the Technical Research Group (TSG) under the Federation’s Technical Committee, which guarantees in-depth content and expertise.

In the April issue of “Monthly TSG”, we reviewed the K League 1 and K League 2 rankings and major game data in March and selected the best teams, best players, and best matches every month.

The best team selected the Pohang Steelers under the new coach Park Tae-ha. Despite many changes such as a change of head coach and transfer of key players, Pohang has firmly established itself as the leader in the K League 1 with three wins and one loss in four games in March. The monthly TSG analyzed Pohang’s stable defense tactics and game management to ensure air-to-air balance through asymmetry.

The best player introduced Lee Dong-kyung of Ulsan, who has shown the most robust performance in the K League 1 this season. Lee had the most offensive points among all K League 1 players as of March with four goals and two assists in four games, and was also nominated for the Player of the Month award in March.

The best match introduced the match between Gwangju FC and Gangwon FC in the second round of the K League 1 held at Gwangju Football Stadium on March 10. Gangwon scored the first goal in the first minute of the first half, but Gwangju scored four goals in the second half alone to win a 4-2 come-from-behind victory. In the best match, it analyzed the fierce strategic fight between the two head coaches, including the front pressure of Gangwon, which blocked Gwangju’s rear build-up, and the tactical change of Gwangju, which suppressed Gangwon’s counterattack operation.

In addition, the April issue of the monthly TSG included contents that fans would be interested in, such as “Monthly Data” and “Monthly Overview,” which summarizes the league’s game for a month at a glance, and “TSG Topic,” which deals with the playing styles of new K League 2 foreign players this season.

The April issue of “Monthly TSG” was posted on the K League’s official website in the form of a web magazine (PDF), and anyone can download it for free. 메이저사이트

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