Pollard Strengthens Lotto Offer With C$13.4M Purchase

Pollard Banknote has officially announced its decision to acquire MCO DO LTD with the help of a final contract recently signed. This will result in the acquisition of the entire stake in Emcodo, ensuring that the operations of the two lottery powers go smoothly in the future. For the time being, the transaction is expected to close in early 2020. The two companies have strong foothold across Canada.

In the game world, broadening one’s horizons is essential for the development of a given game giant. Going forward, acquiring a competitor or a company that can diversify its products and create a much better end product is beneficial to its operations. It also means that customers from both companies come together to form a much larger audience waiting for new products.

Pollard Banknote made it clear in its acquisition announcement that Emcodo is an immediate partner. The Lottery Commodities Leader has decided to buy 100% of Emcodo, known for its digital operations and the creation of lottery apps by some Canadian provincial corporations. Experience and expertise will enable Pollard Banknote to implement this in future projects.

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Since 2001, emcodo has worked closely with lottery companies, sports betting giants, as well as game providers willing to introduce premium online platforms to players. Most Canadian lottery companies power lottery apps through close collaboration with developers. This year, the Western Canadian Lottery Company collaborated with MCOD on the mobile Lotto app available on the App Store and Google Play.

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2020 is expected to see a new competitive mobile lottery app, and players can quickly and easily scan their tickets to see if they win. In addition to Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, players from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will have the opportunity to enjoy premium technology in the coming months. 카지노사이트

Closing of Trading in Q1 2020
The British Columbia Lottery Company has worked with the company on the app in the past, but this year the Crown Company has reached out to modernization. The new feature allows players to deposit and withdraw funds to gain the online freedom they have always been looking for.

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In addition, you can purchase lottery tickets for national and regional games through the updated app. The UK-based Lottery has also worked closely with MCO for many years. Co-CEO Doug Pollard has made it clear that the acquisition will allow Emcodo to reach a completely new audience ready to offer premium products. The move is estimated to be around C$13.4 million.

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Pollard Banknote wants to be in an advantageous position in Canada for future sports betting expansion as Canada strives to remain competitive against neighboring America. Offering Sports Betting and Online Bingo Emcodo is known for diversifying existing Pollard Banknote snacks and strengthening them with fresh technology. Digital presence is expected to improve as players enjoy various perks on Pollard Banknote’s online lottery platform and digital space.

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