Poker players think they’re blacklisted because they represent freedom and democracy.

Tony G recently took part in a hearing in the European Parliament where he served as a Russian diplomat, and discussed how he supports Lithuanian energy independence and interests. In a report by Politico Europe, Tony G said the potential reason behind the ban was his support for such independence.

Tony G. Poker fans pointed out that it was because of his “famous win” over Ralph Perry in the first intercontinental poker championship , and asked what his crime was after he was banned from entering his country. The poker player stated that Perry played badly and sent him back to Russia, telling other Russian players to ‘ride his bike’ over and over again.

Tony G went on to say that he always respects and continues to respect Russian poker players and the Russian people. After winning the Moscow Millions, Fokker pointed out that he donated more than $200,000 of the money he won to an orphanage for special children in Russia. The poker player also said it was regrettable that the ban prevented him from participating in the recent party poker million events in Sochi.

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