“One Line Review” This Season, “Sonnie Is Out of Kane’s Shadows”

Tottenham came from behind after a shock fall last season to turn the tables this season. Tottenham, which ranked eighth last season, will be able to play in the UEFA Europa League next season as it ranks fifth this season. In addition, Tottenham transformed into an attractive team this season by posting eight wins and two draws, an unbeaten run, and a surprise No. 1 ranking in the league in the first 10 games. 

If we summarize Tottenham in one line this season, we have erased the void left by its flagship striker Herri Kane. Kane moved to Bayern Munich in Germany ahead of this season. And Tottenham, which failed to find a replacement for Kane, many experts predict that Tottenham, which lost its legendary striker, will collapse even deeper. Some experts speculated that Tottenham could drop out of the top 10. 
However, this speculation was completely wrong. This season, Tottenham did not feel Kane’s absence, but rather launched more attractive attacks than when Kane was present. At the center of the attack was Son Heung-min. 

With Hishalisson out due to injury, Son was the first one-top to lead Tottenham’s attack. It was a “nail” strategy. And he played most of the matches this season as one-top. In fact, Son was Kane’s replacement. Son performed amazingly. He scored 17 goals and 10 assists, ranking first in scoring and helping players in his team. And for the third time in his career, he joined the 10-10 club, increasing his presence. He became the sixth player in EPL history to break three 10-10 records. 

It is not an old saying that Tottenham started with Son Heung-min and ended with Son Heung-min this season. 

Germany’s “Onefootball” published an article that summarizes Tottenham’s performance this season. The newspaper said, “From the beginning of the season, Tottenham flourished. Under the leadership of its new coach, Enze Postecoglou, it continued to rank No. 1 in the league until the opening 10 games. Since then, it has gone downhill a bit and finished the season in fifth place.” 

“Tottenham’s Player of the Year is Mickey van der Pen. It was Tottenham’s best recruitment this season, and the best recruitment in the EPL as a whole. Van der Pen with real speed has now been reborn as the best center back in the EPL. It was Tottenham’s rising star in this season’s season, Dessini Udoji,” he added. 안전놀이터 추천

He also emphasized Son’s credit. The media outlet said, “With Kane moving to Bayern Munich, the striker who is leading Tottenham in a new era was Son Heung-min. A new era has been left to Son. This season, it’s time for Son to come out of Kane’s shadow, and he did just that. Son has scored 17 goals.” 

There were some regrets, too. It was Postecoglou’s stubbornness. The media outlet said, “Tottenham got off to an impressive start, but Postecoglou’s stubbornness and lack of tactical compromise were criticized by many Tottenham fans. Postecoglou’s dogmatic approach helped a lot in the beginning of the season, but it began to crumble in the second half. This kind of postecoglou has become Tottenham’s biggest concern.”

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