Not only is Son the top scorer and No. 1 pressure in his team, but he is also No. 1 in making big chances (making).

This means that Son has become a team that plays drums and janggu alone. Of course, he has become more dependent on Son as he is outstanding in skills.

According to the soccer statistics media “Foot Mob” on the 12th, Son Heung-min is ranked No. 1 in making big chances among Tottenham players. Making big chances literally refers to the number of times a goal is made to make a decisive pass or cross that can be directly linked to a goal. As expected, Son Heung-min has captured the top of the ranking list among Tottenham players by combining nine.

Following Son Heung-min, right-back Pedro Pororo, who is active as an “inverted full-back” this season, is followed by James Madison, who has been out of the battlefield for more than a month due to injury, and Dejan Kulusevski, who is playing as a right striker, tied for third with six each.

Son is ranking third in making big chances even if he expands the scope of the Premier League. Mohamed Salah, a living legend of Liverpool who plays as a winger but can attack and score goals in the middle, tops the list with 13 players, while Kieran Trippier, a defender who was robbed by Son in a showdown with Tottenham on Sunday, ranks second with 10.

Son Heung-min has been active this season, moving back and forth between left wing and striker. Harry Kane, who was Tottenham’s main catcher for 10 years until last season, is overshadowed.

Having scored 10 goals throughout the year last season, Son has already scored 10 goals in 16 matches this season, ranking No. 1 in Tottenham’s goal tally and No. 3 in Premier League scoring. Son’s killer instinct, which he achieved top scorer two seasons ago, is in full swing.

According to statistics released by Sky Sports ahead of the Tottenham-Wolverhampton “Korean Derby” on the 11th of last month, Tottenham pressed 880 times in the Final Third, the highest among 20 Premier League clubs.

And among Tottenham players who ranked first, Son turned out to be the one who put the most pressure on Tottenham with 331 pressure times. In addition to scoring goals, he is showing dedicated moves even under pressure to steal the ball immediately after it is taken away.

In particular, Son rushed 236 times in the final third to lead the pressure in front of Tottenham in the 331st inning. Son changed his position from the left wing he originally played this season to a striker who was previously played by Harry Kane, and he is helping his team through constant pressure despite such a shift in position.

On the one hand, Son Heung-min will leave for as long as 45 days for the Qatar Asian Cup from early next year, so from Tottenham’s point of view, Son Heung-min’s filling the vacancy will be the most urgent issue. 토토사이트 추천

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