“No place to go after graduation,” Gwangju youth soccer teams say

Players, parents, and leaders of youth soccer teams from 13 elementary and middle schools in Gwangju met with Superintendent Lee Jung-sun to suggest their problems.According to the Gwangju Office of Education on Friday, the superintendent held a “Gwangju Education Communication Hall with Gwangju Youth Soccer Teams” at the Gwangju Office of Education’s large conference room on April 4 to encourage the teams and listen to their suggestions and concerns for the development of youth soccer teams.More than 200 players, parents, and leaders attended the event, including 10 elementary teams such as Gwangju Songjeongseo FC and Wolgok FC, and three secondary teams such as Gwangju Buksung FC U15.”The only elementary school girls’ soccer team in Gwangju is the Hanam Central Elementary School team, and when they graduate, there is no way for them to join a senior school soccer team,” said a parent of a player from Hanam Central Elementary School in Gwangju. “There are nine elementary teams, but there are only three middle school teams and one high school team,” said another parent, adding, “If they want to join a senior school, they have to leave at a young age.”

There were also opinions that soccer clubs need to be improved as they are ot supported by the Ministry of Education, as they are effectively regulated as an academy sport.Hwang In-sung, head coach of the Gwangju Buksung FC U-15 team, suggested, “For the development of youth soccer teams in Gwangju and the restoration and development of the entire ecosystem of soccer in Gwangju, the education authorities should take an interest and at least consider providing training supplies.””I will positively consider the Gwangju Superintendent’s Youth Football Tournament proposed by the soccer association and leaders,” said the superintendent. “Despite the difficult environment, I will actively take care of it so that players who will be responsible for the future of Korean soccer can be 무료슬롯게임 produced from the Gwangju youth soccer team.”

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