New Zealand beat Norway thanks to Hannah Wilkinson’s winning goal in the first Group A match at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, on the 20th (Korea Standard Time).

New Zealand, which had previously made five World Cup finals but failed to win a single game and was eliminated from the group stage with only three draws and 12 losses, enjoyed its first victory as the host country this time.

New Zealand’s first-ever victory in the 16th round of 15 matches has a festive mood

In the ninth Women’s World Cup, the host country has never failed to pass the group stage. If New Zealand beats the Philippines in the second round, it will continue this record.

On the other hand, Norway, the 1995 Swedish champions, took the lead of striker Ada Hegerberg, the first winner of the Ballon d’Or given to the world’s best player in 2018, but suffered a painful blow to New Zealand, which was considered a step below.

With the enthusiastic support of 43,000 home spectators on its back, New Zealand overcame the inferiority of technology with the amount of activity that takes a step further. He tried to block the crisis in advance by tormenting Norway with persistent pressure defense.

When the first half ended 0-0 safely and the second half began, New Zealand counterattacked as if it had been waiting. New Zealand, which broke the Norwegian defense line with an exquisite through-pass in the third minute of the second half, scored the first goal when Jackie Hand sent a ground ball cross from the right and Hannah Wilkinson, who was rushing to the gate, kicked it with her right foot.

Norway also launched a counterattack, but Tuva Hansen’s mid-range shot hit the post in the 36th minute of the second half. New Zealand also had another chance to score. In the 45th minute of the second half, he got a penalty kick for his opponent’s handball foul. However, Lia Percival, who played as a kicker, also hit the goalpost.

New Zealand, which endured Norway’s strong offensive in extra time in the second half, was delighted as if it had won the championship when the whistle sounded to announce the end of the game.

The historic victory turned the whole of New Zealand into a festive mood. New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins visited the locker room to encourage the players, and coach Zitka Klimkova said, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.” “I still get goosebumps and it’s hard to control my emotions,” he said.

Australia, a strong women’s soccer team, won Ireland in a “sweat and sweat.”

Soon after, Australia beat Ireland 1-0 in the first Group B match at Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia.
Australia has passed the group stage four times in a row until the previous French tournament, and it is a strong women’s soccer team that advanced to the quarterfinals three times in a row from the 2007 Chinese tournament to the 2015 Canadian tournament. Ireland, on the other hand, is the first to play in the finals.

As expected, Australia took the lead from the start of the game. Ireland faced off with defense-oriented tactics, with a ball share of only 29% in the first half.

However, Australia’s goal-determining ability was dull, perhaps due to the absence of leading striker Sam Kerr, who scored 63 goals in the A match, due to injury. 20-year-old rookie striker Mary Fowler started in place of Kerr but finished the first half 0-0.

It wasn’t until the seventh minute of the second half that Australia scored the first goal with a penalty kick. In the airball race, Haley Lasso was pushed down by Ireland’s Marissa Shiva and fouled, and captain’s armband Steph Catley came out as a kicker and shook the net. 토토사이트

Ireland also fired nine shots, but only one shot was effective. Katie McCabe tried her last shot in the second half extra time but was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the end, Australia defended the first goal well and presented the opening game victory to the 75,000 home spectators who filled the stadium.

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