“National University Gloves” for the second time in her life, said, “Trust and watch, I’ll go up higher.”

It was the second time in her career that Choi Ye-seul joined the Korean women’s soccer team. Choi Ye-seul (25) displayed strong determination and confidence.

The women’s national soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell (63), beat the Philippines 2-1 in a friendly match at Icheon Stadium on the 8th.

The Korean women’s team, which beat the Philippines 3-0 in its first A match in April on Saturday, changed its starting roster in Tuesday’s match. What was particularly noticeable was its goalkeeper position. Instead of veteran goalkeeper Jungmi Kim (40, Incheon Hyundai Steel), Choi Ye-seul defended the goalkeeper’s position.

Choi, who played full time on the day, blocked the opponent team’s shots in succession by banking on her reflexes in the first half. In the second half, she allowed Angela Beard to lose a point in free kick.

Bell mentioned a generational shift in the women’s national team at a press conference after the game. Change in goalkeeper position is also essential. Jungmi Kim, the current main goalkeeper, has long entered the twilight of players.

Choi, who is well aware of the situation, told reporters after the match at the mixed zone, “We have a lot of ways to go. I want to climb higher. I want to continue playing as a member of the national team.”

He seemed especially nervous. Choi made a mistake while trying to block a cross by the Philippines in the first half. However, she immediately got up and blocked the opponent’s shot again, recovering from her own mistake. “I was nervous. I tried too much,” Choi recalled about the situation at the time. “I tried to catch the ball, but the ball bounced unexpectedly. I stretched my feet to block it somehow.”

Jungmi Kim, the former main goalie, gave strength to Choi before the game. Choi said, “I am very close with (Kim) Jeong-mi. I have known her since college. I told her to do whatever she wants and not be nervous. I think I was less nervous as I warmed up with her.” 메이저사이트

The women’s soccer goalkeeper position is one of the biggest challenges in Korea. Bell also pointed out the systemic problems of Korean women’s soccer and expressed difficulties in finding a goalkeeper. Choi Ye-seul responded, “A goalkeeper is a specific position. He does not have many players. I think that is why the coach said that,” adding, “We need to learn a lot from our sister (Jungmi Kim) and improve ourselves. Only then will the coach trust us.”

“There are many players who want to play as goalkeepers. However, there are not many environments where people can learn. I think that’s why they are having a hard time.”

She also pledged her personal development in the future. Choi said, “I am working hard in my own way. I will also work hard in training. I hope you trust me a little more and keep an eye on me. I will try my best to rise further.”

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