“Morning Madang” on the 9th…I will talk about the background of the 2002 World Cup

Coach Guus Hiddink, the leading player in the 2002 World Cup semifinals, will make a surprise appearance on KBS1’s “Morning Madang.” 안전놀이터

Hiddink will meet the viewers at the “Morning Madang,” which will air on May 9. The story behind the 2002 World Cup will be revealed as well as the love of Korea that can be found at home in the Netherlands, as well as the touching first meeting with surprise guests and family members.

He has continued to exchange for the development of Korean soccer since the 2002 World Cup, and he will appear on the broadcast to reveal the reason for his appearance and the reason for his steady visit to Korea. In addition, he thanked the Korean people for their passionate love whenever he visited Korea and unveiled the Dutch house decorated with props related to Korea for the first time.

In particular, it reveals the reason for accepting the position of the Korean national team coach after a long period of consideration, the secret of the semi-final myth, and the backstory with the players.

Also, a special guest comes to the broadcast on this day to meet director Hiddink. The atmosphere at the scene has become even warmer with the appearance of an unexpected guest. I wonder who the surprise guest who rushed to meet the teacher at one step.

After the Korea-Japan World Cup, he married in fame and became a father of one child, and even his wife and son visit the studio to greet Hiddink for the first time.

“Morning Madang,” starring Gus Hiddink, the soccer leader most loved by the Korean people, will air on KBS1 at 8:25 a.m. on the 9th.

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