Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki at the departure hall

Coach Hong Won-ki (50) of the professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes announced his intention to use infielder Kim Hye-seong, who recently requested a position change, as second baseman in the new season. Coach Hong met with reporters at Incheon International Airport ahead of his departure for the Kiwoom team’s spring camp scheduled to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on the 29th, and indicated that he had already completed ‘traffic control’ internally. When asked if Kim Hye-seong plans to remain at second base, Manager Hong said, “That’s my opinion,” and added, “When we go to the United States, we will have a long conversation. We need to make her understand rather than persuade her. “He added, “Individuals are individuals, but I think the team should come first. I think Kim Hye-seong also fully understands that.”

Kim Hye-seong, who will fulfill the qualifications to apply for the posting system (private competitive bidding) by playing this season, has already obtained the club’s consent to challenge for the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB).For Kim Hye-seong, whose strengths include excellent defense and quick feet, it is more advantageous to show her skills at shortstop rather than second base. However, Manager Hong concluded that in order for the team to have the best possible strength, Kim Hye-seong must reliably guard second base. Regarding the rejection of the player’s request, he said, “(The place) needs to be organized to some extent so the player can focus. I think I should give advice to the player to help him organize it in that area.” In this Stove League, Kiwoom recruited veteran infielder Choi Joo-hwan through the second round of the draft .Regarding how to utilize Choi Joo-hwan, Manager Hong said, “I recruited him with the top priority on offense. I expect a lot of RBIs, and I think a batting order that can produce a lot of RBIs would be the best fit. He can play first base, second base, and designated hitter for defense. “He explained. Kiwoom’s biggest concern this season is the starting lineup.

Ace Ahn Woo-jin’s surgery and enlistment left a gap, and veteran Jeong Chan-heon is also recovering from back surgery. First of all, Ariel Jurado and new foreign pitcher Enmanuel de Jesus filled the two starting positions. Director Hong predicted endless competition for the remaining positions .He said, “I expect that there will be many new faces in the starting lineup. Several players will compete to take the starting position,” and added, “Rookies are also included as candidates. “Regarding the possibility of Cho Sang-woo, who returned from military service, being selected as a starter, he smiled and did not say anything .Kiwoom will play a practice game o March 17 against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are in Korea for the MLB World Tour Seoul Series. Coach Hong said, “I haven’t thought about it in detail yet, but it’s an event to create a baseball boom, so I need to prepare accordingly. I think it will be a great experience and motivation 온라인카지노 for the players.”


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