Lucky Maneki Neko Online Slot

Daruma dolls bring luck and one hopes this rings doubly true in this classical Japan-inspired game, Lucky Neko Gigablox. The cat is another Japanese symbol for good things to come and this game is packed with these fortune-finding felines.

This is a classic 5 reel, 50 payline slot where the objective is to land identical symbols on a payline to be awarded a payout. To boost your bankroll there are wilds and scatter symbols delivering well balanced gameplay. You can’t miss the Maneki Neko wild.

The lucky cat of the game’s title will replace any symbol except the golden bull scatter. The scatter can unlock up to 25 free spins with doubled wins and pays a one-off prize of up to 500x your stake.

There are 12 paytable symbols in play including the 2 special symbols and 9-A royals. The highest paying of these awards 1,000x for 5 of a kind.

Super easy to pick up and get started, Maneki Neko is a well put together game that will reward a few demo mode spins thanks to the high paying symbols on offer. 슬롯

Mobile players will enjoy playing this browser based game on mobile and tablet.

Maneki Neko is the Japanese lucky cat who is a good luck charm for happiness and good fortune in business.

The legend of the Beckoning Cat involves a Samurai warrior visiting a temple where a poor priest struggles to look after himself and his cat. Despite being too poor to feed himself, the priest always made sure the cat was well fed.

Seeking shelter under a tree the warrior saw the priest’s cat beckoning to him. As the Samurai approached, the tree where he was sheltering was struck by lightning and crashed to the ground.

The grateful and wealthy Samurai was happy to endow the temple with funds and the priest and his cat never went hungry again.

The design here is typical of a plethora of other Asian good fortune themed slots with symbols including koi carp, cranes and golden guardian lions. It’s all well done and nicely detailed but nothing you won’t have seen before.

As befits a standard casino game and betraying its land based origins, this Zitro Games slots offering has no soundtrack just casino thuds and jingles.

RTP & Volatility
This low-medium variance slot will appeal to casual players who prefer a longer session time and fewer risks. The theoretical RTP is 95%.

How To Play Maneki Neko?
Before you play Maneki Neko, set a session budget that protects your bankroll and lets you play responsibly.

The user interface here is the standard set of game controls below the reels.

  1. Click on the Question Mark in the bottom left-hand corner to access the paytable and other useful game information.
  2. Click the + above the spin button to opt for 10 to 500 autospins.
  3. Use the arrows to set a Denomination and Bet Level that you’re comfortable with.
  4. Press the blue spin button to play.

Can I play Maneki Neko for real money? Zitro Gaming are partnered with online casinos around the globe. Make a deposit and you can play for real money wins.

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