Lee Eui-ri started against Suwon KT Wiz (two runs in four innings) on the 22nd, but was substituted early due to pain in his left shoulder.

KIA, which is fiercely fighting for the middle ranks, had no choice but to pay attention to the extent of Lee Eui-ri’s injury, one of the pillars of the starting lineup. Immediately after the steel plate, Lee Eui-ri moved to a nearby hospital for examination. KIA also had additional checkups on the 23rd to find out more accurate conditions. Fortunately, it was not a major injury.

KIA said on the 23rd, “Lee Ui-ri received a simple inflammation (partial inflammation of the shoulder joint). “In order to protect players, he will be removed from the first-tier entry and will take a break from starting the game.” Lee Eui-ri was immediately excluded from the first-team entry that day.

Not only KIA but also the national baseball team swept away their surprised hearts. Lee will join the national baseball team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in late September. If Lee Eui-ri, who should be the starting pitcher, falls due to injury, the national baseball team will suffer a huge loss of power.

Fortunately, Lee Eui-ri’s current injury is not expected to cause much change in joining the national baseball team in September. However, emergency lights were turned on for injury management. Even a small injury cannot be taken lightly because it is ahead of a big international competition. You should pay more attention to your physical care.

The recovery of left-handed pitchers of the national baseball team has become even more important. Another left-hander, Koo Chang-mo (NC Dinos), is already struggling with rehabilitation due to complex abnormalities such as elbows and wrists. Not only Lee Eui-ri but also Koo Chang-mo are healthy to get on a plane to Hangzhou, which is the best scenario for the two teams and the national team.


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