LAD Loses Leadoff, Ohtani Takes On ‘Between’ For the Time being

The Dodgers faced a “blast” for two days from the 16th to the 17th (Korean time). This is why Yamamoto and Betts, who are like the core of pitching and hitting, broke out of the battle line one after another.

The first player to leave was Yamamoto. Yamamoto suddenly walked down the mound while recording 28 pitches, one hit, one walk, one strikeout, and one strikeout during two innings in a showdown with the Kansas City Royals on the 16th. One runner was walked and hit in the first and second innings, respectively, but Yamamoto suddenly disappeared from the third inning while cooking the Kansas City lineup without any serious crisis. The Dodgers rushed Michael Grove in, where he had a physical problem.

According to multiple media outlets in the U.S. and Japan, Yamamoto was replaced because of the discomfort of his triceps. Yamamoto told reporters after the game that he had been tight in his triceps right after he pitched seven scoreless innings against the New York Yankees on the 8th. “I felt tightness a few days ago. But today (16th), the tightness disappeared, and I got tight again during the game,” Yamamoto said, explaining the reason why he voluntarily went down the mound.

After being diagnosed with inflammation of the right shoulder rotator cuff, Yamamoto ended up on the 15-day injured list ahead of Tuesday’s game. Still, it was a relief for the Dodgers to avoid serious injury. Manager Dave Roberts failed to mention when Yamamoto would return, but explained, “I will give him a break. It takes time, but the season is not over. I will not throw for a few weeks and think about how he will recover.”

To make matters worse, another unexpected situation occurred. Mookie Betts, an MVP, was hit by a 97.9-mile fastball on the fourth pitch of Kansas City’s Dan Altavilla on Wednesday. He collapsed on the ground and complained of severe pain, and was replaced immediately by pinch runner Miguel Rojas. After the game was over, the team’s head coach reported on his broken left hand. The fact that he does not require surgery was a positive factor for both Betts and the Dodgers.

Roberts gave detailed news on Betts before the game on Wednesday, and like Yamamoto, he is unable to return to the ground in the second half. However, he will be able to return to the ground in the second half. According to Japan’s “Full Count,” Roberts said it will take “six to eight weeks” for Betts to return. Roberts said it would be difficult to use his left hand for the time being, but he will continue training other than that.토토사이트넷

“You have to wait until you recover from the wrist or swing you have caught the ball,” Roberts said. “However, you can continue training such as swing and running with only your right hand.” With Betts out, the Mets also changed the batting order. Shohei Ohtani will play the leadoff role on Wednesday. “We will have to think twice if there is a left-handed pitcher, but I think No. 1 Ohtani and No. 2 Freeman are right,” Roberts added.

It is definitely a painful situation that the core resources of pitching and hitting have been out due to injuries, but both Yamamoto and Betts are not big enough to be out of the season, which is a sigh of relief from the Dodgers’ point of view.

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