Lack of earthquake risk map sparks nationwide safety concerns

A wall in a residential area in Buan, North Jeolla Province, shows a significant crack, Thursday, following a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the area, Wednesday. Yonhap

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake rattled the southwestern county of Buan in North Jeolla Province, Wednesday, prompting residents to 카지노 question the safety of their regions. Despite the growing concerns, there is currently no digitalized official map available to quickly assess earthquake risks across different areas.

The recent earthquake in Buan, which marks the strongest tremor detected on the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding waters this year, has raised serious safety concerns among residents.

North Jeolla Province, typically unaccustomed to seismic activity, experienced its first earthquake exceeding magnitude 4.

Damage reports have also surged. As of 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, a total of 401 reports of damage to facilities were received, according to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters.

In the wake of the unexpected quake and its aftermath, the public is increasingly questioning the safety of their regions.

However, the government is not expected to consider creating a detailed earthquake risk map until after 2026, following the completion of the second phase of a tomography study that began in 2017.

According to the interior ministry, Friday, the only official map available is the national earthquake risk map released in 2013.

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