SUWON, South Korea (Yonhap) – If you play 120 games a year, it will take you 17 years to reach the 2,000-game mark. The fact that fewer than 20 스포츠토토존 players in the 41-year history of the KBO have reached the 2,000-game milestone explains how valuable the record is.KT WIZ veteran infielder Park Kyung-soo (39) reached the 2,000-game mark 20 years after his professional debut when he started at second base as the No. 8 hitter against the SSG Landers on Feb. 2.He is the 18th player in KBO history to do so .Park, who joined the LG Twins in 2003, started 84 games in his first year and played 933 games for LG through 2014 before moving to KT in 2015.At KT, he established himself as a solid second baseman, starting 1,67 games and earning the honor of being named the Korean Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2021.After the game, Park said, “It’s a really meaningful record for a player. Seniors like Ki Rah-sung have done it, and I’m not saying I’m on par with them, but I’m proud to have set such a meaningful record after playing so long as a beast.” “KT is a team I’m very grateful to, and a team that made me,” he said, especially as he recalled his true prime after moving to KT. I feel more responsible,” he said. To congratulate him, KT head coach Lee Kang-cheol personally delivered a bouquet of flowers during the cleanup period after the fifth inning. “I told him, ‘I played 2,000 games thanks to you,'” Park said. I think I should lead the players a little better with gratitude,” he said. On the same day, Park picked up two strikeouts to become the 23rd player in history to reach 900 strikeouts.” I really didn’t know about 900 strikeouts, and I’m really grateful that my teammates congratulated me, even though they’re the opposing team. It’s a good day,” he smiled. Park is able to bask in the afterglow of his milestone because the team is on the rise. Once in last place with a win-loss margin of minus 14, KT has been racking up wins at a frightening rate and now has more wins than losses with 46 wins, 43 losses and two draws. “Coach Lee Kang-cheol has led the team well since his arrival, and it is ingrained in us to create a good atmosphere and share experiences by giving the seniors responsibilities and letting us know about it,” Park explained. “This year, we’re going to have a different atmosphere than in the past,” said Park, who said that when he was injured and fell to the bottom of the standings early in the season, he thought, “I want to thank the players as a captain for coming up so far.” KT’s rise has been characterized as natural, like water flowing from the top down. The players are all armed with the confidence that ‘we can do it’ rather than one person forcibly setting the tone .Park said, “We can feel the atmosphere of ‘we can win if we do our job’ rather than ‘we have to win today’. I think it’s because we have 스포츠토토 such a good starting lineup. “For Park, who contemplated retirement after the end of last season, her current achievements feel like a gift. “My personal record (goal) is completely over,” he said, adding, “I’ll be satisfied with one more real win.”

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