Kim Yeon-kyung vs. Yang Hyo-jin of the team’s performance premium

After the game on the 17th, the 2023-2024 V-League, which opened on October 14 last year and has been running for more than five months, ended. The top team in the men’s and women’s regular leagues was decided on the 16th, a day before the end of the regular league. With “Spring Volleyball” starting with the semi-playoff between the men’s third-ranked OK Financial Group and the fourth-ranked Hyundai Capital on the 21st, attention is also focused on the direction of the men’s and women’s regular league MVP.

In the women’s team, candidates are clear. It was narrowed down to a two-way race between Yang Hyo-jin (35), the best middle blocker at Hyundai Engineering & Construction who has been roommates for more than 10 years while playing for the national team, and Kim Yeon-kyung (36), the best volleyball empress at Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Her personal performance is superior to that of Kim. She scored 775 points in 140 sets in 36 matches, ranking sixth overall and No. 1 in the Korean league. Born in 1988, Kim scored the most points in seven V-League seasons, and Heungkuk Life depended on Kim for this season. Yelena Mrazenovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), who played for Heungkuk Life for two years, was kicked out of the All-Star break due to controversy over her poor performance and attitude. She brought in Willow Johnson from the U.S., but her performance was not so good that she was not selected in the third attempt. Eventually, the burden was passed on to Kim. Born in 1988, Kim was able to play in all 140 sets that Heungkuk Life Insurance played.

Nevertheless, Kim still showed the dignity of the female volleyball emperor. Ranked sixth in overall score tally, she came in second (44.98 percent) after Silva (46.80 percent). She performed evenly in overall attack indicators, ranking fifth in open attack (40.63%), fourth in quick open (47.39%), fourth in time difference (58.72 percent), and sixth in serve (0.207 per set). She also showed strong performance in defense, including fifth in receiving efficiency (42.46 percent), seventh in dig (3.829 per set), and eighth in defense (5.557 per set), proving why she reigns the world’s best outside heater in both offense and defense. Thanks to Kim’s presence, Heungkuk Life Insurance was able to play leading game until the end of the season, which had a gap of eight points when it finished the fourth round. Kim has five MVP trophies (2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2020-2021, 2022-2023).스포츠토토

Yang is targeting his third career MVP in the regular league following the 2019-2020 and 2021-2022 seasons by banking on his “team performance premium,” which ranked No. 1 in the regular league. Despite being a middle blocker who can play only three potential spots, he played 141 sets in 36 matches, posting 546 points, ranking ninth overall and second in the Korean league. Yang’s tactical importance in Hyundai Engineering and Construction varies depending on whether Yang is placed in a potential position. Yang’s unique open attack with time difference, which is an attack option that all middle blockers in the V-League must install. All middle blockers play the game, but no one can surpass Yang’s power. Despite being a middle blocker, Yang is ranked second (45.71 percent) in open attack. In addition, he ranked second with fastballs (52.94%) and second with blockers (0.773 per set).

Is Kim Yeon-koung’s personal performance and contribution or Yang Hyo-jin’s team performance premium? The two players are expected to have mixed feelings depending on where the votes cast by reporters will be.

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