Kim Min-jae’s pre-season in Munich ended…a strong contender for the Super Cup

Time to play was more important than a fatal mistake.” Kim Min-jae’s pre-season in Munich ended…a strong contender for the Super Cup

Munich beat AS Monaco 4-2 in a pre-season game held at Schfort Park Unterhaing in Munich, Germany, at 0 a.m. on the 8th (Korea Standard Time). Munich, which has completed its final inspection, will start the 2023-24 season in earnest against RB Leipzig at the DFL Super Cup at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on the 13th.

Kim Min-jae was also a starter in this game. Munich activated the 4-2-3-1 formation. Matistel was in charge of the front line, while Serge Gnabry, Jamal Musiala and Kingsley Coman supported the attack. Conrad Reimer and Leon Goretzka worked together in the third term. The four backs were formed by Alfonso Davis, Kim Min-jae, Benjamin Pavar and Nusair Mazrawi. The goalkeeper gloves were worn by Sven Ulaihi.

It was the last game ahead of the full-fledged season, but the combination of Kim Min-jae and Matthijs de Ligt, who are expected to be Munich’s main center back duo, failed to operate again this time. This seems to be because De Ligt has not fully recovered from his injury yet.

De Ligt started to improve his sense of play by playing against Kawasaki Frontale in Japan. He also entered the second half of the match against Liverpool, but there was no time for the two players to work together because he was replaced by Kim Min-jae. The defense is one of the important positions for each other, and it would be regrettable for Munich coach Thomas Tuchel that Kim Min-jae and The Ligt have not been able to match a lot of harmony.

In this match, Monaco put pressure from a very high position. Aleksandr Golovin, Wissam Ben Yeder and Minamino Takumi approached the center back line where Kim Min-jae is located. Kim Min-jae, who did not party much under such pressure in Naples, made a mistake in this game.

In the 28th minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae committed a pass miss while trying to send a pass to Pavar during a normal build-up process. The short pass went straight to Golovin. Despite Kim Min-jae’s mistake, the crisis was avoided at the moment as goalkeeper Ulaihi blocked it.

However, Munich, whose formation was twisted, failed to move the ball forward with completeness and again gave Monaco the right to attack. Munich’s defense, which was not organized, missed Minamino and led to a run. Kim Min-jae’s pass miss did not directly lead to a run, but it was a mistake that should never come out during the season.

Except for the mistake scene, Kim Min-jae’s performance was close to perfection. Minamino attempted to break through in the 8th minute of the first half, but Kim Min-jae lightly blocked it. Two minutes later, when Monaco made an attack from the right, Kim Min-jae intercepted the ball with his unique forward defense. In the 27th minute of the first half, he showed great strength in the competition against Mohammad Kamara and brought the ball.

He also showed a forward pass without regret. Kim Min-jae, who showed a good long pass toward Comang in the 11th minute of the first half, drove up the ball himself and scored a pass to his teammates as he did in Naples. However, the chemistry with colleagues has not been perfect yet. In the second half, Kim Min-jae showed a good performance. As De Ligt was put in with the start of the second half, the main center back duo worked together for about 18 minutes.

After the match, Tuchel said, “We’ve done a lot of good work but there’s still room for improvement. We should have taken the initiative, but we got a little lost because of our mistakes. “But we stayed calm and deserved the lead because we finished the first half well,” he said, expressing regret over the mistake.

“Overall, it was a good friendly match and the results were good, but there is still work to be done. We have to maintain a good tempo. We are setting out a measure for the Super Cup. “I feel like I’m well prepared, but I’ll have to go beyond my limits,” he said, asking the players to work harder.

Kim Min-jae, who officially became a Munich player from July 18, made his Munich debut against Kawasaki on the 29th. In the match against Kawasaki, the build-up process was not clean as if the teamwork with his teammates was still awkward, but Kim Min-jae’s defense was excellent.

Kim Min-jae, who finished the 45-minute game under thorough management, was praised by the coach and his teammates. Coach Tuchel said, “Kim Min-jae did well. Not only in defense but also in offense. It is very satisfying. This was his first game. “He is training very hard and doing well,” he said, praising Kim Min-jae’s debut.

De Ligt, who will be Kim Min-jae’s partner in the long run, also said, “Everyone must have seen Kim Min-jae’s quality. He is very fast and active. excel in the field of. “Usually, when I haven’t played for a few weeks, I need time to adjust, but he did well,” he said with a thumbs up. Joshua Kimihi, a key player, also expressed expectations, saying, “I think we can enjoy it with him.”

Kim Min-jae, a soccer statistics media, scored 7.5 points, the second highest score after Kim Mi-hi (7.6 points) among the 22 players who started the day. Kim Min-jae recorded three interceptions, two tackles, 70 ball touches, 88.5% pass success rate, one key pass, four long passes (two successful), three ground competitions (three successful), two aerial ball competitions (two successful), and one dribble attempt.

Kim Min-jae’s performance continued in the match against Liverpool. Liverpool showed tactics to target Munich’s high defensive line, and whenever Munich blocked Liverpool’s counterattack, Kim Min-jae appeared. Kim Min-jae was not only good at defense.

As an all-around defender, he showed excellent skills in the build-up process. In the last match against Kawasaki, he was a little anxious during the build-up process as he had not yet worked with his teammates, but he was stable against Liverpool. In the 14th minute of the first half, he also showed off his build-up skills by sending a perfect long pass to Pavar.

In the 33rd minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae scored a fantastic pass toward Gnabry, who penetrated into space. Gnabry scored a comeback goal after beating Joel Matip completely. It was Kim Min-jae’s first attack point in Munich.

However, mistakes were made in the game that day. In the second minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae advanced and defended when Cody Gakpo hit the center. At this time, Gakpo quickly passed to Diogo Jota and penetrated into the space created by Kim Min-jae’s coming up. Jota exquisitely pulled a pass to each gun with a one-touch pass. Each shot caught the ball as it was and connected to the first goal.

Considering that Kim Min-jae made a mistake that was not like Kim Min-jae in the match against Monaco, it can be assumed that he is not in 100% physical condition yet. It was Kim Min-jae’s last official match against Bologna on May 29 in Naples before moving to Munich. He also failed to participate in the national team schedule due to basic military training.

During his three-week stay at the Nonsan Training Center, he was unable to maintain his normal condition. Kim Min-jae also expressed his concern as he lost a lot of weight during the training period. Of course, the sense of the economy has also deteriorated.

Still, Munich recommended Kim Min-jae to join from Japan to consider him, but Kim Min-jae immediately headed to Germany to improve his physical condition as soon as possible. It was a choice to complete the transfer process as soon as possible and adapt to the team as quickly as possible. Kim Min-jae quickly began to recover his condition under the special management of the Munich coaching staff, but it is estimated that he is not 100% yet.

The positive thing is that Kim Min-jae’s playing time increased to 63 minutes in the match against Monaco. In the past two games, Kim Min-jae played only 45 minutes as promised. Increasing the playing time means that the player’s physical strength to play has increased. 먹튀검증

Mistakes made during the preseason don’t matter much anyway. If you don’t commit it in the full-fledged season, that’s all you have to do. In the match against Leipzig, Kim Min-jae is likely to start. By then, if you improve your condition more and improve your teamwork with your colleagues, you will be able to regain your iron wall mode.

It is a big task for Kim Min-jae to maintain a sense of stability. Munich recruited Kim Min-jae because of Luca Hernandez’s departure There is also a decline in Upamecano’s performance in the second half of the 2022-23 season. Upamecano showed the league’s best performance in the first half, but in the second half, he made a series of mistakes in every big game, frustrating Munich.

It led to the recruitment of Kim Min-jae because it was judged that Upamecano was not reliable. Kim Min-jae maintained a high defensive line when he was in Naples, but made few defensive mistakes. Such a sense of security should also be demonstrated in Munich.

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