Kim Min-jae is on the bench’ has been reported to the EPL


The news of Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich), who sat on the bench behind Eric Dier (30), was reported to England.

British media “Street News” recommended on the 19th (Korea time) that it is time to reach out to Kim Min-jae again for Manchester United. An unexpected ordeal at Bayern Munich has created a new transfer rumor.

“Manchester United should keep an eye on the situation of Kim Min-jae. He also showed interest in last summer,” the media said. “It is unlikely that Bayern Munich will rush to sell Kim Min-jae, but they are using the three central defenders in rotation. Manchester United should contact Kim Min-jae’s side considering this situation.”

Kim Min-jae has been sitting on the bench in Bayern Munich for a long time these days.

Earlier this month, he was excluded from the starting list from the second leg of the UEFA Champions League’s round of 16 teams against Lazio in the 2023-24 season, and the German Bundesliga against Mainz 05 and Darmstadt had a negative impact. During this period, Bayern Munich trusted Dyer and Mathias de Ligt as center backs, resulting in three consecutive wins.

There is no room for Kim Min-jae to squeeze in right away. When asked why Kim Min-jae was excluded and Dyer and The Licht were used, coach Thomas Tuchel said, “The two can communicate well. They are continuously winning with this combination. The quality of Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano may change, but we are not considering it at this time.”

Dyer also shows a sense of stability compared to his time at Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Dyer showed off a high pass success rate (85/89) of 96 percent in the match against Lazio, where Dyer began to draw attention in earnest, and excelled in the build-up to Kim Min-jae’s back. He never had any ground or air competition with his opponent, but he was able to read and defend the flow of the match, as evidenced by three clearing and two interceptions. Dyer and Deer Licht also showed off their performance in the background.

Those betting on 토토사이트 are paying attention to the fact that he is a center back who can also be a fighter against Mainz. In the match against Lazio, there were 0 competitions that were unusual for a defender, but the match against Mainz was different. He boasted a ground competition success rate of 100% (4/4) and an air competition success rate of 100% (1/1). In addition, he performed well in offense and defense with a 92% pass success rate (46/50), three clearing, six recovery, and five long passes.

It’s the first time for Kim Min-jae to experience this.

He has always been a key player since his early professional days. Kim Min-jae was a key player at Jeonbuk Hyundai when a rookie made it to the first round, which was not easy for a rookie to endure. He has always been a key player even after moving overseas. Beijing Guoan (China), Fenerbahce (Turkiye) and Napoli (Italy) have different uniforms every year, and he has never missed out on key positions while performing level-ups.

The same was true of Bayern Munich. As the transfer was made when Tuchel contacted Kim directly last summer when big clubs announced their intention to recruit him, he was always appointed as the No. 1 center back. In the first half of the year, German media were so concerned about possible abuse. Not only did Tuchel trust Kim Min-jae, but Upamecano and The Licht were injured wards, so there was no room for rotation. Unable to rest, Kim sometimes made mistakes that lacked concentration, but generally displayed good performance.

Things have changed now, however, and it may take quite a long time for Kim to find his footing on the 안전놀이터. Kim Min-jae, who gave up the starting position to Dyer, said on “T Online,” “I’ve never experienced this before. I used to participate even if I wasn’t in a good condition. But now I’m different. If my teammates perform well, I can be excluded. That’s how many good players are in Bayern Munich. I might not be able to play.”

Kim Min-jae said, “I think I can learn something even in the current situation.

Not participating in the competition does not completely deviate from the team’s trajectory. “I have confidence in my abilities,” he said. “I am not unfortunate, but I am training hard as always,” he said, expressing his willingness to wait for the opportunity.

The U.K. sees this as an opportunity. They considered Kim’s interview as “unhappy” and recommended Manchester United to recruit Kim. As Kim was serious about recruiting Kim last summer, the team’s position in Bayern Munich has diminished, and hence deserves another chance.

Fortunately, the British team still has a good evaluation of Kim Min-jae. “Kim Min-jae, who has shown solid performance, makes him safer in Bayern Munich with his potential,” the British ‘The Athletic’ said last month. “Kim Min-jae, who was recruited due to his combative style of play and active presence in the box, was unable to exert any authority on the constantly changing four-back line. Considering the various problems Bayern Munich has experienced this season, we should not criticize him too much.”


“Kim Min-jae has shown great potential. Kim Min-jae is tall, with his flagship skill and good positioning. He also carries the ball well to the midfield, passes at an elite level, and has an interception rate of 2.18 per 90 minutes, which is in the 99th percentile among top five league players,” Kim said.

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