Kim Bum-seok donned heavy catcher’s gear and stretched to accurately block a ball

LG Twins catcher Kim Bum-seok donned heavy catcher’s gear and stretched to accurately block a ball thrown by coach Park Kyung-wan.

Kim Bum-seok practiced catching before the LG Twins’ game against the Kiwoom Heroes at Jamsil Stadium on Saturday. Coach Park called Kim to the field after he finished batting practice and instructed him to put on his catcher’s gear.

The coach spent a lot of time with Kim, who still has a lot to learn in his second year as a professional, and shared his know-how with him one by one.

Despite the difficulty, 토토사이트 Kim Bum-seok put on his catcher’s gear with a smile on his face and walked over to Park. Park was one of the best catchers in the KBO during his career, winning five Korean Series titles and three Golden Gloves as a catcher.

During his playing days, Park was a complete catcher.

He was an offensive catcher with good blocking, catching, strong shoulders, ball placement, long bat, and vision.

Kim Bum-seok, a prospect who caught the eye of a legendary catcher who had seen it all, focused on the pitches that Coach Park threw. When there are runners on base, a catcher’s blocking is an important ability to stop a runner who wants to go one more base.

If a changeup bounces sideways or backwards off the catcher’s block, the fast runners can reach home.

Coach Park emphasized the importance of dropping the ball in front of the catcher after the block. This is because the catcher needs to have the ball in front of his line of sight so that he can throw the changeup comfortably in a count battle.

When the clever Kim Bum-seok executed the blocking as ordered, 토토사이트 추천 Coach Park beamed. After a short and bold catcher’s drill, Coach Park called Kim over to praise him.

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