Kawarta Downs, 47 years running with lavish parties, racing and games

Kawarta Downs is one of Peterborough’s preferred locations for a variety of reasons. This month marks the 47th anniversary of its operation and celebrations are prepared, so it is special to this place.

Fraserville will have a big birthday party this Saturday, July 13, and everyone is invited to share the joy of the birthday party. In light of recent events, this birthday is considered a great milestone.

Last fall was a rather difficult fall for Kawarta Downs. This is because the game venue that diversifies operations had to go through a hiatus. Pay-dependent employees were concerned about a lack of betting ahead of winter.

This uncertainty was further fueled by the extended renovations that were originally needed. Shorelines Casino underwent a nine-week overhaul, but resumed operations in December.

Horse racing and game gallors
This Saturday is expected to bring Kawarta Downs’ 47th birthday and everything it represents to the community. The racetrack has been welcoming individuals who are enthusiastic about horse racing and bet on exciting live events for nearly half a century.

Cheerful crowd celebrating refurbished coastline slot in Kawarta Downs
The birthday will heat up the area with a thrilling set by the DJ. The weekend celebrations are also expected to bring a variety of games that entertain everyone in the field. Various prizes will also be offered to further motivate participation and attendance.

Kawarta Downs’ Showlines Casino Resumes Operations After 9 Weeks
Locals are already eager to see who will win the games and what the prizes will look like. In addition, there will be a cake for everyone, since birthdays cannot go without a celebratory cake.

Workers’ Union urges Ontario PM to keep promise for Kawarta Downs slot machine
To enrich the experience and add some fun, Kawartha Downs will also feature a traditional live race that changes every Saturday of the summer season. Locals and people in the neighboring communities who go there will have the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest.

celebrations after a period of uncertainty
The 2019 live racing season has taken a step in the right direction. At the end of 2018, it was announced that 21 live races would be held at the harness racecourse, an improvement from the 18 race dates last year. Players who further enhance this Saturday’s experience can also get a chance to try the modified slot position. A renovation last fall saw 150 new slot machines installed on site. 슬롯

Kawarta as workers worry about jobs as coastline casinos open
A better day is coming as Kawarta Downs will continue to operate under new ownership. The owner of the racetrack has signed a deal with Romspen Investment Corporation after years of controversy and unrest. In the past two years, buyers have not stepped up, leading to a final purchase by mortgage lenders.

Showlines Casino Peterborough Offers Huge First Game Revenue Allocation
All game enthusiasts ensured that the slot location overseen by Great Canadian Gaming would continue to operate. Extensions are also in progress. This was further consolidated by the three-year re-signing of up to 50 individuals in coalition with the United Nations of Service Employees Local 2. The success of Kawarta Downs will also ensure continued support from Ontario Racing.

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