The Ansan Greeners of the K-League 2 announced on Saturday that they have appointed Lim Kwan-sik (48) as their new head coach. Lim played for the Jeonnam Dragons and Busan Icons from 1998-2008, recording six goals and 10 assists in 255 games .He began his coaching career at Mokpo City Hall in the Unemployed Football National League in 2009 and served as coach of Gwangju FC and head coach of Honam University, and has been a coach at Jeonnam since 2015.After serving as the head coach of Gimcheon Sangmu since 2020, he returned to the Jeonnam Dragons last year to assist Lee Jang-soo as head coach before taking the helm of Ansan and making his debut as a professional coach. Lim is also known as a “studying coach,” having received coaching training in England after retiring as a player and earned a master’s degree in physical education from Honam University in 바카라사이트 2011 and a doctorate in football from the same university in 2017.He said: “I am grateful to the club for their trust. The team is in a difficult situation, and I will do my best to lead by example, communicate with the players, and bring about a turnaround in a good atmosphere.” Kim Gil-sik said, “Coach Lim Kwan-sik is a coach with a wealth of field experience and theory, and he understands the current situation of the club and the philosophy of the club. I think he will be able to lead the team stably and well in this difficult period.”Ansan sacked Lim Jong-heon, who had been in charge of the team since last year, in June after he was investigated by prosecutors for allegedly accepting money from agents in exchange for selecting Korean players when he worked as a manager at a Thai club. The Ansan head coaching position has been vacant since then. Ansan is currently in 12th place (17 points) out of 13 clubs in the K League 2.

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