K-dramas about entertainment industry aren’t popular – here’s why

A new jinx has emerged within the Korean entertainment industry: Dramas about the entertainment world itself fail to capture audiences’ attention.Apart from the successful “The Producers” (2015), many works that have focused on the lives of entertainment and industry workers, such as “Shooting Stars” (2023), “Behind Every Star” (2022), “Imitation” (2021) and “Idol: The Coup” (2021) have failed to resonate with viewers.This trend is often referred to as a “curse” within the industry.They have not succeeded in eliciting empathy from the audience. They remain perceived as being in “a league of their own,” unrelatable to the general viewer.Sometimes, the reality depicted is stranger than fiction, which should theoretically make entertainment industry stories highly engaging.The public’s fascination with every move of celebrities is undeniable, as evidenced by the longevity of shows like “Omniscient Interfering View” (2018-), which has succeeded by capturing the bustling lives of staff behind the spotlight, thus emanating a very human and relatable essence. Yet, despite the inherent interest, these entertainment-centric dramas continue o falter. Why do audiences shun these depictions?

It might be that while the surface-level glamour is appealing, the underlying stories of hardship, strife and the mundane realities that these workers face do not strike a chord with the general populace.Or perhaps it’s the presentation itself, which might still feel too detached or stylized to be genuine.As the industry ponders this puzzle, the focus may need to shift from merely showcasing the world of entertainment to creating narratives that forge a deeper, more emotional connection with the viewer. Only then might the curse of the entertainment drama be finally broken.Moreover, the portrayal of characters in these dramas tends to be unidimensional. Broadcast writers are always depicted struggling with job pressures, celebrities are tormented by rumors, and journalists often play the role of the villain, akin to the 슬롯게이밍 paparazzi.

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