“I’ve been hit all this time…” Full of smiles

The Samsung Lions have been on a three-game winning streak since the game against the Daegu NC Dinosaurs on the 14th. He hit 11 home runs among the three consecutive wins, beating the opponent team’s mound. He has not been able to take full advantage of the batter-friendly stadium so far, but he has finally started to enjoy the game.

Ahead of the match against Doosan in Daegu on the 18th, manager Park Jin-man said, “I’ve been losing, but now I think I’m making good use of my strengths,” adding, “I was able to easily manage the bullpen by hitting a lot of home runs from the beginning of the game.”

“As one or two players started to hit (homerun), everyone gained confidence. I think I’m getting good results as I swing properly at the batter’s box,” he added.

Starting pitcher Danny Reyes earned his third win of the season by allowing one run in five innings. “I feel like I’ve regained stability now. I got some mental space from the beginning of the game thanks to the scoring support. I hope you continue to throw me like that,” he said. Of course, he is not without regrets. “It would have been better if I played until the sixth inning, but I’m a little disappointed,” he said.안전놀이터

Left-hander Lee Seung-hyun, a former first-round pick, will make his first appearance of the season against Doosan on the 18th.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “I’ve been preparing hard since the spring camp. I hope you don’t feel intimidated and confident and throw your own ball,” adding, “There is no limit on the number of pitches. I hope you can display your capacity to the maximum.”

Meanwhile, Samsung has lined up batting order with center fielder Kim Ji-chan, shortstop Lee Jae-hyun, left fielder Koo Ja-wook, designated hitter David McKinnon, third baseman Kim Young-woong, first baseman Lee Sung-kyu, right fielder Kim Hyun-joon, catcher Lee Byung-hun and second baseman Kim Jae-sang. Left-hander Lee Seung-hyun will start.

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