“I’ve been doing this for years. I felt the most sticky feeling in my glove. So I brought in all the judges, checked, and I took off.”

The Major League Baseball secretariat announced on Wednesday (Korea Standard Time) that it will suspend Blanco for 10 games and impose penalties on him who is caught using foreign substances. The amount of the penalty will not be disclosed.

At a home game against the Oakland Athletics at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas on Sunday, Blanco had four hits, one walk and four strikeouts during three innings. However, in the top of the fourth inning, the referee felt a sticky substance in Blanco’s glove, and after checking it, he forced him to leave the game.
Erich Bacchus, who checked Blanco’s glove, explained, “I’ve been doing this for years. I felt the most sticky feeling in my glove. So I brought in all the judges, checked, and I took off.”

According to the North American sports media The Athletic, Blanco and Houston manager Joe Espada protested that the substance is a mixture of sweat and rosin. The media reported that it is illegal to use rosin on hands that a pitcher does not throw, and Blanco was sent off. Blanco sometimes applies rosin on his left arm when he sweats too much, but he has never heard anything from the judges. However, Raj Diaz, the referee’s team leader, said, “We are not resin.”

“I didn’t know it was illegal. I saw other pitchers do it and thought it was natural,” Blanco said. “I have to tell the umpires if they find anything sticky in my glove. Of course, they have to have sticky substance on their hands. But they didn’t check it out.”

“According to Blanco, there was no sticky feeling when he put on his gloves until the fourth inning,” The Athletic said. Manager Joe Espada added, “I asked the referee if Blanco could change his glove and continue pitching, but he was rejected.”토토사이트먹튀

“I’m really disappointed. I want to go out and help my team compete, but I can’t.” Blanco’s gloves have now been sent to the secretariat for scrutiny. In June 2021, the Major League Baseball’s strict screening of foreign substances had never been rescinded. Blanco was initially planning to appeal, but eventually the decision was made to withdraw.

Blanco is the hero of this season’s Major League victory. After joining the Houston Astros for just 5,000 U.S. dollars in an international FA contract in 2016, Blanco won the opening rotation this year as Justin Verlander and Jose Urquidy were injured.

He made his debut in 2022 only, and had only 24 games (seasons to start) prior to that. However, in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays on April 2, his first start of this season, he pitched no-heater with no runs and 105 strikeouts in nine innings. It was the 17th no-heater record in Houston’s history. Since then, Blanco has recorded the first record since 1961 by continuing the no-heater streak through Friday’s game. He has garnered four wins and no losses with an ERA of 2.09, 45 strikeouts, 21 walks and a batting average of 175 percent in eight games this season, but his belated action has put a brake on his myth of foreign substances.

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