It’s called ‘crazy resilience’.

It’s called ‘crazy resilience’.

France star Kylian Mbappe, who suffered a fractured nose, is expected to play in the Euro 2024 Group D second leg against the Netherlands in Leipzig, Germany, at 4 a.m. ET on June 22.

“I can confirm that Mbappe is feeling better and that everything is improving enough for him to play tomorrow,” France head coach Didier Deschamps said today, adding that the player is “moving in the right direction.”

Mbappe collapsed in the 40th minute of the first leg against Austria on Aug. 18, breaking his nose while contesting an aerial ball with opposing defender Kevin Danso.

He was bleeding from the nose after his face struck Danso’s shoulder, and a medical examination revealed a fractured nose. 안전놀이터 Danso took to social media to wish Mbappe a speedy recovery.

Mbappe also received a yellow card against Austria for entering the field of play without the referee’s permission when a substitution was not made despite the broken nose. The France captain is serious about this tournament and has a strong will.

Mbappe opted for rehabilitation over surgery, returning to training early on the 20th with a protective bandage on his nose. A day before the first leg, he wore a mask emblazoned with the French tricolor and the FFF emblem.

Deschamps said of the mask:

“Mbappe will play with a mask. But we don’t need to know more about the mask,” Deschamps said.

Mbappe posted on social media that he was looking for a mask after breaking his nose. Many fans didn’t hesitate to chant “Ninja Turtles” in response. “He’s back to being a real ninja turtle,” they cheered. Ninja Turtle is Mbappe’s nickname. It’s because of the resemblance.

France defeated Austria 1-0 in the first round. The Netherlands also defeated Poland 2-1. The winners of the second round, France and the Netherlands, will qualify early for the round of 16. Mbappe is a big reason why.

Mbappe, who joined Real Madrid from Paris Saint-Germain, 슬롯 보증 사이트 is still with the club until June. He will join Real Madrid after the tournament to discuss future treatment options, including surgery.

Mbappe has scored 47 goals in 80 appearances in all competitions, but unusually, he hasn’t scored a single goal at the Euros.

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