It was highly praised for Destiny Udoji (Tottenham), who was born in 2002.

British media BBC reported on the 28th that Udoji was evaluated as a rare talent. Andrea Carnevalle, a former member of the Italian national team, was surprised by Udoji’s performance.

Udoji played for Tottenham in the summer of 2022 after passing through Hellas Verona and Udinese Calcho (Italy). However, he did not immediately feel the power. Udoji played for Udinese Calcho on loan last season. Udoji returned to Tottenham this season and has been active.

BBC reported, “Udoji proved more than just his talent at Udinese Calcho during his loan spell. He displayed all his abilities, including explosive play, skill, and vision. He created nightmares for his opponents. His biggest feature is his desire to learn and improve. Udinese Calcho wanted to fully recruit Udodji. However, Tottenham wanted to return. It has become more important to have a player who can provide scope of attack for strikers like Son Heung-min and Dejan Kulusevski.”

Udoji has scored one goal and two assists in 15 matches of the English Premier League this season. His EPL debut goal came in a match against Newcastle on June 11. With the help of Son, he opened the scoring. “I like to play with Son. When I catch a ball, I find Son. It’s because he does everything for me,” he said.

The media outlet said, “Udogi has extended his contract until 2030. Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou recognized the player’s willingness to develop. He also allowed a certain level of freedom by utilizing tactical flexibility. He is moving back and forth between sides and midfielders.”


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