It was a typical starting resource, playing 27 starts in 2021 and 27 starts last year.

Of course, the performance was not so good during the two full-time starts. It was sluggish with 7 wins, 9 losses, 5.47 ERA in 2021, and 6 wins, 13 losses, 5.81 ERA last year. It was Washington, a rebuilding team, so it could be said that it maintained its starting position. Nevertheless, expectations have grown that he will play well in the KBO League because he has played more than 100 innings for two consecutive seasons and is a player with that much ability.

Although there were some concerns that he was “a player on the decline,” Pedi is showing the power of the major leaguer without regret. Pedi will be selected as the best starting pitcher in the KBO League this season. As of the 15th, he has pitched 119⅓ innings in 20 games of the season, recording 15 wins, 4 losses, and a 1.96 ERA. He is the only player in the league with a 1-point ERA. The batting average is 0.217 and the number of hits per inning (WHIP) is 1.03. He has already won against all the clubs.

Considering the capabilities he has shown so far, it is not unreasonable to achieve 20 wins. The last 20-win pitcher in the KBO League is Raul Alcantara, who played for Doosan in 2020. Alcantara threw 198⅔ innings in 31 games at the time and had an overwhelming record of 20 wins, 2 losses, and a 2.54 ERA. The problem is that the better Pedi is, the greater the interest of overseas clubs. Apart from this year’s performance, emergency lights may be turned on at the front of next year’s renewal.

In fact, during Pedi’s game, several Major League Baseball team scouts visit and watch the pitch. Pedi has already played in 102 Major League games (88 starts). The data is rather more stacked in the United States. He is a player who has finished evaluating his players to some extent. However, many clubs want to check what has developed more this year compared to the pitching contents until last year.

Although they did not succeed in the Major League, there are quite a few pitchers who played steadily in the KBO League, developed their skills, and then went back to the Major League. Players such as Merrill Kelly (Arizona), Brooks Raley (New York Mets), and Chris Flexen (Colorado) are representative. If Pedi has erased his weaknesses so far, it could be “recruitment of cost-effectiveness” for major league clubs.

It is not just the United States. Japanese clubs are also interested in pedi. It is true that there are not many pitchers who went from Korea to Japan and achieved ultimate success, especially recently, there have been more failures. Nevertheless, Japanese clubs continue to pay attention to “KBO’s top pitchers.” This year, Pedi is the main character. An official familiar with the situation said, “It is common for Japanese clubs to send scouts to Korea around the summer to watch various players who may be recruited,” adding, “Peddy has an excellent major league career and is closely watching the Japanese club.” 메이저사이트

While Yomiuri, the most prestigious player in the league, is known to have observed Pedi once, Orix scouts have recently followed Pedi and intensively looked at the pitch. Orix visited both the Incheon SSG match on the 8th and the Suwon kt match on the 13th to check Pedi’s skills. Some predict that there may be quite fierce air if teams that have already watched Pedi’s game more than once or have plans to visit in the future are combined.

The official said, “As U.S. clubs have tied up all pitchers that can be used after the COVID-19 incident, not only South Korea but also Japanese clubs are having difficulty recruiting high-quality foreign players,” adding, “It is no wonder that Pedi, which has been verified in Korea, is receiving attention.”

I wonder if I’ll get sick even if I’m too good. NC is also likely to be on alert. If a player is offered a major league guarantee contract, it is certain to leave NC. This is because even if NC raises its annual salary significantly, it is difficult to meet Pedi’s eye level in reality because there is a salary cap for foreigners. The annual salary that can be paid to a player from the $4 million pool is bound to be limited. Industry officials analyze that $2 million to $2.5 million is the maximum even if it is “Young Chul.”

Right now, Pedi’s annual salary last year was $2.15 million. On top of that, Japanese clubs also have room to call more money than NC. It is a difficult matter to rely on Pedi’s loyalty. Alcantara also left Korea with 20 wins and a contract with Japan’s Hanshin. What path will Pedi take.

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