Includes Grade 1 Rico Woodbine Mile, Grade 1 Johnny Walker Natalma Stakes and Grade 1 Bet 365 Summer Stakes competing on the Taylor Turf course.

Woodbine Racetrock, owned by Woodbine Entertainment Group, is one of North America’s leading thoroughbred racetracks located at 555 Rexdale Boulevard in Toronto, Ontario. It opened in 1956 and is home to one of the most prestigious races in the industry, the King’s Plate. Since a thorough remodeling in 1994, the track currently offers three racetracks

Woodbine Entertainment says 18 candidates have been nominated for this year’s CA$1 million Ricoh Woodbine Mile competition, the 27th in the media. Chad Brown is ahead of all the trainers because he has seven nominations in the race. His group was won by Italian, Program Trading, and White Beam, a four-time first-class winner.

Meanwhile, Godolphin, one of the world’s largest purebred racing and breeding companies, has named several five-year-old Master of the Sea, who won the stakes. The list of nominees also includes the Arlington Million Award-winning set piece. Woodbine – based candidates are Roger Atfield, who recently won the King Edward Award, and Sherth Spite for War Bomber Trainer.

In addition, the Grade 1 Johnny Walker Natalma Stakes for the 2-year-old Phillies and Grade 1 Betting 365 Summer Stakes for the 2-year-old will show interesting talent for a mile in the E.P. Taylor Turf. The two events will feature 38 second-year-olds to compete for a $500,000 prize. The full list is available on the track’s official website.

King’s Plate Sets New Betting Handle Record
In August, Woodbine Racetrack hosted The King’s Plate every year, which has always attracted a lot of attention from the industry and thousands of fans. According to the track, 13 race cards for Sunday, August 20, 2023 generated a betting amount of CA$18,127,049.67 to break the previous record on the Queen’s Plate in 2019.

King’s Plate itself delivered 4,455,176.26 CA$ of the card betting handle, while setting a new record for the largest 17-horse win pool since 2011. The race was captured by Paramount Prince with the help of Patrick Herbers, who now secured his third win on the plate. The horse scored a finish of 2:01.93.카지노사이트먹튀

However, there may be a reason why betting activities improved during the King’s Plate card in August, and just before the race, Woodbine Entertainment announced that it had started a parry mutual bet with its personal sportsbook 365.

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