“I wish I could feel less of that pressure.”

After arriving in Guam, the first spring camp site, the Lotte Giants will begin half-training in the afternoon on the first day of off-season training.

Lotte departed from Incheon International Airport on April 31 and arrived in Guam the next day. Currently, Guam has warm weather at 27 degrees Celsius with mild winds at times

Lotte will start its off-season training from 1 p.m. on the day. All participating players will complete simple warm-up, catch and defense drills, and begin technical training in groups of two and five players. The training will take place at the Deedo Sports Complex, and all schedules will end at 4:30 p.m. on the day.

Lotte plans to select the main players for this season through the spring camp. “Players must be well aware of the fierce competition. Too fierce competition leads to burdens,” manager Kim Tae-hyung said before leaving for Guam on June 31. “I wish I could feel less of that pressure.”

“Kim Min-sung is also here, and there are existing players in recruiters named Choi Hang and Oh Sun-jin,” he said of the main second baseman, adding, “We are expecting Kim Min-sung, who played all of the infield positions in LG, as the second baseman.”

The camp, which will be attended by 63 people, including Lotte players, coaches and coaches, will be held in Guam until the 20th, then will move to Okinawa from the 21st to hold joint training and exchange matches with Japan’s Chiba Lotte Marines first team until March 5.

Lotte is planning to confirm the 5th selection, clean up the infield traffic, and complete the batting order through the blocking of the stone.


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