‘I-LAND2’ takes off with stellar contestants despite controversies

All 24 contestants of Mnet's new audition program,  'I-LAND2: N/a,' pose during a press conference at a studio in Seongdong District, Seoul, Friday. Courtesy of Mnet

Mnet is set to kick off its new audition show, “I-LAND2: N/a,” to discover the next generation K-pop girl group.”I-LAND2: N/a” is a girl group version of the 2020 boy group survival show, “I-LAND.” The prior chronicled the selection journey of the members of ENHYPEN, a boy band under HYBE Labels’ Belift Lab.This season, producer Teddy and his label, The Black Label, will work with Mnet to form a 12-member girl group.A press conference held Friday at a studio in Seongdong District, Seoul, saw the production team and cast unveiling behind-the-scenes insights. Among the attendees were singer Taeyang from BIGBANG, composer VVN, 24 and dancers Monika and Leejung, alongside producers Kim Shin-yeong and Lee Chang-kyu.Kim emphasized the distinctive allure of the “I-LAND” series, attributing it to “the novel format where participants traverse between ‘Ground’ and ‘I-Land,’ coupled with collaborations with agencies boasting unique colors.””I believe the second season has seamlessly integrated The Black Label’s distinctive essence throughout the program, setting it apart from its predecessor,” Kim said. Taeyang’s appearance as a mentor garnered significant attention, marking a rare television appearance for the artist. He expressed his intention to provide the wisdom he earned through his career as a BIGBANG member for the program.

“It’s a privilege to partake in this innovative endeavor to birth a new girl group, and I eagerly await their emergence. As the main producer, I aim to impart counsel on identity, skills and character traits gleaned from my 17 years in the music industry,” Taeyang said.”I-LAND2: N/a” already created a buzz after unveiling its 24 contestants, carefully selected from global auditions across 10 countries and 13 cities, in March. All 24 appeared at the event, demonstrating their commitment to the program’s success.However, there have been some backstage concerns regarding the show’s glamorous lineup regarding contestant welfare and allegations of school violence involving a contestant.In March, an online user said that contestants who had only slept for two hours were lined up and scolded by the producers. The user also said that the set lacked proper heating and cleaning.In response, the production team noted its commitment to the well-being of the contestants during the press conference.”We have prioritized creating the optimal environment for contestants to fully engage in their journey toward realizing their dream of debuting [as artists],” the producers said. “Measures such as installing suggestion boxes to address contestants’ grievances are currently being implemented.””We are actively working to cultivate a supportive environment by fostering close relationships with the production team,슬롯게이밍 allowing contestants to pursue their dreams comfortably,” they added.

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