Hyundai Engineering & Construction completely defeats IBK As early as the 12th, 1st place in the regular league against Heungkuk was confirmed.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction players rejoicing

Hyundai Engineering & Construction players are happy after scoring in the home game against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the professional volleyball women’s division held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 9th.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction has overcome an important hurdle to secure first place in the regular league.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction defeated IBK Industrial Bank with a set score of 3-0 (25-19 25-22 25-20) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League women’s home game held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 9th.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which had been faltering after losing 2-3 to CheongKwanJang and Korea Expressway Corporation, ended its losing streak on this day and earned 3 precious points.

The day before, as second-place Heungkuk Life Insurance was caught by last-place Pepper Savings Bank, Hyundai Engineering & Construction reduced the magic number to confirm first place in the regular league, and further reduced the magic number by defeating IBK Industrial Bank of Korea that day.

First place Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which accumulated 77 points (25 wins, 9 losses), widened the gap with second place Heungkuk Life Insurance (73 points, 26 wins, 8 losses) to 4 points.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance each have two games left, one of which is the final regular league match to be played in Suwon on the 12th.

If Hyundai Engineering & Construction wins the Heungkuk Life Insurance match on the 12th, it will secure first place in the regular league.

In the V-League, if you win with a set score of 3-0 or 3-1, you get 3 points, and if you win with a 3-2 score, you get 2 points.If you lose 2-3, you only get 1 point.

Even if Hyundai Engineering & Construction loses to Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 12th, it will take first place in the regular league if it wins 3 points against Pepper Savings Bank, which ranked last on the 16th.

It was a game that clearly showed Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s strengths.

MoMA Basoko Letizia (20 points, registered name MoMA) made a powerful attack from the side, and Yang Hyo-jin (15 points) and Lee Da-hyeon (12 points) defeated IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in a battle of heights.

Hyundai E&C was down 9-12 in the first set, but took a breather thanks to Yang Hyo-jin’s quick attack and continued to chase after the opponent’s main gun, Britney Abercrombie (registered name Abercrombie)’s quick open, went off the line.

In the ensuing rally, IBK Industrial Bank’s Pyo Seung-ju made a quick open mistake, tying the score at 12-12, and Yang Hyo-jin blocked Abercrombie’s open attack and succeeded in turning the game around.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction ran away with a 15-12 score as Yang Hyo-jin and MoMA scored in succession with open attacks.

One-point server Ko Min-ji, who appeared at 18-16, shook the IBK Industrial Bank receiving line, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction ran away with a 21-16 victory, solidifying the victory.

IBK Industrial Bank fought fiercely with Hyundai Engineering & Construction, going up to 20-20 in the second set.

However, Seoyoung Yuk made a mistake in the attack, and other attacks failed to penetrate the Hyundai Engineering & Construction defense, resulting in a counterattack from MoMA and Jeong Jiyoon, falling to 20-23.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction ended the second set at 24-21 with a successful attack with MoMA moving to the center.

At 17-16 in the third set, Hyundai Engineering & Construction overcame the final hurdle when Jeong Ji-yoon blocked Choi Jeong-min’s time-lapse attack and Ko Min-ji hit a serve ace.

Yang Hyo-jin added 3 blocking points on this day, becoming the first player in the V League to surpass 1,550 blocking points (1,552). 스포츠토토

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