Hwaseong City Hall, Women’s General 50m 3 Position Group

Hwaseong City Hall won the supremacy of the women’s general 50-meter rifle group exhibition in the 40th presidential national shooting competition. 스포츠토토

Hwaseong City Hall, led by head coach Nam San-ho, won a total of 1,751 points in a team of Lee Gye-rim (587 points), Kim Je-hee (583 points), Lim Ha-na (581 points), and Lee Hye-jin (568 points) at the Cheongju International Shooting Range in Chungbuk on the 4th day.

On the first day of the competition, Kim Sun-ah, Kim Ji-hye, Kim Jeong-eun and Jeon Soo-jin teamed up to win the team event in the 25m pistol event, which is the second victory after winning with 1,744 points.

Lee Gye-rim scored 435.2 points and Kim Je-hee scored 421.4 points, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively, in the final round of the 50-meter rifle 3-position individual competition. Lee Eun-seo (Seosan City Hall) of the Korean national team shot 459.1 points to win the final round.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-hoon (581 points), Hong Seok-jin (584 points), Lee Si-woo (569 points), and Son Gun-woo (563 points) finished second in the men’s rapid fire pistol team event, following the Korea National Sports University, which shot 1,702 points to 1,738 points.

In the individual finals, Lee Seung-hoon, who shot 581.0 points, ranked third with 22 points in the final round, while Yoon Seo-young (31 points) of the Korean National Sport University won the gold medal.

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