“Homicide of juniors”

After being suspended for one year seems to be flowing into a long-term war.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held its second reward and punishment committee on the 27th of last month and imposed a one-year suspension on Oh Ji-young, who was accused of harassing and verbally abusing his team’s juniors A and B. Pepper Savings Bank, which signed a three-year FA (free agent) contract worth a total of 1 billion won with Oh Ji-young last spring, terminated his contract with Oh Ji-young after the disciplinary action was finalized. 토토사이트

As her career is nearing an end, Oh desperately needs the will to recover her reputation. Oh is engaged in a truth battle through social networking services with Lee Min-seo, one of the players who claims to have been victimized by her.

Jeong Min-hoe, Oh’s legal representative, said, “Oh Ji-young is considering a retrial process and a lawsuit in the future. We respect KOVO’s decision, but we will proceed with the process to clarify the unfairness.”

As a result of KOVO confirmation, Oh Ji-young’s request for retrial has not been made yet. However, considering the positions that have been revealed so far, the request for retrial seems to be a matter of time. Oh Ji-young said, “For the first time, the petitioner’s argument was confirmed at the first reward and punishment committee. There was absolutely not enough time to prepare the rebuttal data, and there were few opportunities to clarify. Our right to defend ourselves was not guaranteed.”

Oh Ji-young’s request for a retrial is possible until March 8, 10 days after the punishment was announced.

Since the foundation of KOVO in 2004, there has been only one request for retrial. When Moon was fined 110 million won (approx. After retrial, the penalty was reduced to 10 million won (approx.

If Oh Ji-young requests a retrial, the final decision is in the hands of President Cho Won-tae. According to Article 132 of the KOVO Protocol (Retrial of the President), it is stipulated that “the President must conduct an examination within 10 days from the date of receipt of the request for retrial, and the retrial must be completed within 30 days unless there is a special reason.” A KOVO official said, “The president who receives the request for a retrial can hold the reward and punishment committee again, but this is only a reference. The final decision rests with the president,” he said. However, Article 132 (3) of the Protocol stipulates that “if the President retrial is made at the request of a person who has been punished such as disciplinary action, he or she cannot make a decision on disciplinary action heavier than the original disciplinary action.”

Apart from the request for a retrial by the reward and punishment committee, Oh Ji-young is also considering a lawsuit against the club to cancel the contract.

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