He was once the best second baseman and best hitter representing the league.

If it went smoothly, he would have won the FA (free agent) jackpot and won, but he is looking for a new team as invincible.

The 2023 season, which started with a hold on FA applications. It ended in a disastrous failure. He played only 44 games. batting .200, 22 hits, 12 RBIs, 14 runs scored, 3 steals. Even with backup, it did not show competitiveness. His team, the LG Twins, lifted the trophy for the first time in 29 years, but there was no place for him.

93 days of registration in the first division this season. I’ve been in the second team longer.

34-year-old infielder Seo Geon-chang. It was released by LG last week. LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who joined Seo Geon-chang in the two teams, Heroes and LG, said, “I didn’t think I would have more opportunities to play next year than this year. I thought it would be better to find another way, so I consulted with Cha Myung-seok, the general manager, and solved it,” he said.

in one’s mid-30s after one’s prime. The second base’s defense has been significantly reduced. His batting ability has also declined significantly. There is no team that will take Seo Geon-chang as the main second baseman. He is looking for a team that can compete, a team that can give him a chance. It’s not an easy task.

Coach Yeom said, “I saw a good old side in the second half. “It is competitive enough to revive the previous sense of hitting,” he said. It’s a positive comment with a lot of affection.

If this isn’t the end, we need to find a team.

There is a realistic alternative. It’s Kiwoom Heroes. Seo Geon-chang is the team that scored 135 points with 201 hits.

It is known that Seo Kun-chang has already sought to recruit him. In July 2021, the Heroes sent Seo Geon-chang, who was about to join the FA (free agent), to LG. His Gwangju Il High School classmate, pitcher Jung Chan-heon, was a trade opponent.

For now, Seo Geon-chang is looking for another team. Looks like he’s pushed the Heroes to the last option.

The Heroes hope Seo Kun-chang will return to burn the last flame and finish as a Heroes player. We need a cool-headed perception of reality.토토사이트

Seo Geon-chang, a graduate of Gwangju Il High School, joined LG in 2008 as a fostering player and played in one game. He entered the first at-bat and struck out. Since then, there has been a three-year gap. After completing his military service as an active player, he entered the Heroes as a voice player and opened a new world. In 2012, he recorded a batting average of 266 (115 for 433), 40 RBIs, 39 steals (2nd), and 70 points (8th) in 127 games and became the Rookie of the Year.

Seo Geon-chang in 2014 didn’t have to be scared. He set a new record for 201 hits-135 runs, the most hits in the KBO League and the most goals scored. He even won the MVP award.

I thought I’d see the end in Heroes, but there was another way waiting. He moved to LG, where he started as a professional player, and started anew, but it did not meet expectations.

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